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Bring your AI-ready data into the future

How AI-ready data will supercharge data security and management

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Last week, we held Cohesity Catalyst, our Data Security and Management Summit. It’s no surprise that AI was a hot topic. In the past few years, we’ve heard all about AI and its promised benefits, largely around increasing productivity and replacing menial tasks. But we’re also starting to see some of the concerns and risks organizations are facing with the explosion of AI capabilities and frameworks across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, transportation, and technology, among others. Consider the growth of Open AI and ChapGPT in under a year. According to OpenAI, ChatGPT gained over one million users in just five days after its November 2022 launch. It’s no longer a future technology, as tech companies are announcing new AI products and integrations every day.

Here at Cohesity, we’re looking at AI through a different lens: how to enable incredible growth and innovation with AI without exposing new risks and attack surfaces, and without compromising your data. Data security and management are built into our core platform, and now we’re looking to bring responsible AI and governance to the same platform organizations use and trust today. And that’s where we see AI—using your own data, securely and responsibly—as a game changer. For example, AI-powered early threat detection and AI insights and machine learning get you more value from your backed up data—whether it sits in a data center, or a public or private cloud. AI can help you differentiate your business, driving growth and improving customer outcomes.

At Catalyst, we shared some emerging AI use cases and explored how responsible AI and AI-ready data will supercharge your data security and management strategies. If you missed Catalyst, here’s a recap of our AI announcements.

Harnessing insights with Cohesity Turing

To address the rapidly evolving needs customers have with AI and data, we introduced Cohesity Turing, a collection of AI/ML capabilities and technologies that are integrated into our multicloud data platform and solutions. As new AI needs emerge, we plan to continue to advance the portfolio of technologies offered and powered by Cohesity Turing, while enabling customers to use AI responsibly and securely.

Through Cohesity Turing, organizations can and will be able to use the latest AI capabilities to drive more efficient operations, gain greater insight into security risks, and derive more value from data. A sampling of AI/ML capabilities powered by Cohesity Turing includes:

  • Ransomware anomaly detection: Uses advanced modeling and advanced data entropy detection to “see” anomalies in data ingested, which can provide early warnings of a hidden threat with data under protection.
  • Threat intelligence: Provides highly curated and managed threat feeds used in conjunction with machine learning models trained on millions of samples to accurately detect threats and keep organizations up-to-date automatically.
  • Data classification: Helps ensure that organizations can identify their most sensitive data and where that data is located.
  • Predictive capacity planning: Lets customers meet current and future business SLAs with machine-driven recommendations, including a what-if simulator and forecasting capacity utilization based on previous capacity utilization.

Plus, in the future, customers will be able to turn to Cohesity Turing to get even more insights from their data via the retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI model workflows. Cohesity believes RAG technologies can help customers get deeper insights and discovery from data or quickly find content in petabytes of data. Cohesity has multiple patents pending in this area.

If you missed Catalyst, watch this demo that shows our vision for harnessing insights using generative AI.

Expanded partnership with Google Cloud

As part of our multicloud strategy, we also announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to help organizations unlock the power of generative AI and data. For years, Cohesity and Google Cloud have provided joint customers with a simple yet robust enterprise-grade solution for backup and recovery of applications. Building on other recent announcements, we are continuing to extend our AI-ready data security and management platform—the Cohesity Data Cloud—to work closely and have deeper integrations with leading cloud services, including Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s fully managed ML (machine learning) platform designed to help companies accelerate the deployment of ML and AI models.

The combination of the Cohesity data security and management capabilities and Vertex AI will help joint customers gain new insights into the same data they’re already securing and managing on Cohesity’s platform. Through this integration, customers could, for instance, quickly search across exabytes of data to gain insights into data patterns, like finding anomalies in their data to detect threats, or find answers to very specific questions, or quickly recover data using contextual searches.

Watch the full interview with Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO.

Responsible AI and AI governance

Another important topic during Catalyst was responsible AI and AI governance. Responsible AI is the practice of using AI with good intention—in other words, to help employees and businesses use the power of their data in a fair and responsible way that’s ethical and avoids harming people.

Responsible AI with Cohesity focuses on three core principles:

  • Trust and accountability: This means your data is being used with AI in a responsible manner. It’s not leaving the organization, there’s transparency on usage, and it’s policy- and RBAC-driven.
  • Privacy and control over what data is used and who has access to it.
  • Comprehensive and efficient: Cohesity unlocks the power of data using AI across our unified multicloud platform.

Another important piece is AI governance, which ensures the security and privacy of data used by both AI models and the workforce—so the right data is exposed only to the right people (and models) with the right privileges.

Be sure to watch our Catalyst breakout session, The Changing Landscape of Security in the World of Generative AI, on-demand. You’ll glean insights from our CISO, Brian Spanswick, in conversation with Tenable CTO Robert Hansen as they discuss:

  • How the threat landscape has changed with AI
  • How to be prepared for new attack vectors
  • How to use the latest innovations in AI/ML, natural language processing, and conversational AI to gain insights into your data security posture

For more information about AI-ready data and how enterprises like yours can get more value from it, read our eBook.

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Chris Kent Headshot400x400

Chris Kent

Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing

Chris Kent Headshot400x400

Chris Kent

Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing

Responsible for the overall positioning, messaging, and GTM plans for Cohesity's suite of products. Prior to Cohesity, Chris was an early employee at HashiCorp where he helped build the broader marketing team and led product marketing for all Security and Networking products. Chris' product marketing and management background extends from his previous positions at Lumen (formerly CenturyLink), US Intelligence, and several startups and technology companies.

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