As the world has dramatically changed over the past few weeks, Cohesity has rapidly adapted to the new reality. From the start of the coronavirus outbreak, our top priority has been to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners. Today, our global workforce is working from home, and we remain fully committed to adhering to all recommendations and guidelines set by governments and health organizations.

Despite this dramatic and rapid shift in where we work, we have remained true to our core values while serving our customers and partners. We are delivering all products and services that customers benefited from prior to the pandemic. Our customer services, support, and business operations are running at 100% availability.

While global, national, and regional guidelines have limited the level of in-person support we can provide during this time, we have adapted by supporting customers virtually, both for new and existing installations. And, because of our software-defined approach, we can easily configure systems remotely. We continue to meet our SLAs and have not seen an impact on our manufacturing and supply chain operations, although we are monitoring this situation closely. Our internal Coronavirus Preparedness Team meets daily to ensure we address any potential challenges before they become issues.

It is our goal throughout this crisis to give customers peace of mind that their data remains protected so that they can focus on driving other business-critical needs that must be urgently addressed.

While I am encouraged by the speed of innovation in medical advances to combat this virus, we all know getting back to normal will take an unknown amount of time. Cohesity is in this for the long haul, and we will weather this challenge together with our customers and partners.

Founder and Chief Technology and Product Officer
Mohit Aron
Founder and Chief Technology and Product Officer

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