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5 Ways Cohesity Simplifies Procurement

5 Ways Cohesity Simplifies Procurement Tip sheet


How your organization manages data is more important than ever for gaining insights, driving efficiencies and defending against sophisticated ransomware attacks. While our proven Cohesity platform simplifies data management for your IT and business teams, Cohesity makes it easy for your buying organization to acquire and use our software, too. Here are five ways you’ll find our approach to business is preferred.

Vendors selling legacy backup and data management products deliver lengthy quotes and convoluted pricing. Different pricing between customer-managed and SaaS protection coupled with multiple models such as front-end terabytes (TBs) and user-based make legacy more expensive and difficult to predict costs. Contracts are often complicated—mixing a range of hardware, software and services, at times from multiple vendors—and difficult to parse. In contrast, Cohesity quotes and agreements are extremely transparent. Cohesity offers a single meter, easy-to-understand license for your backup requirements, simplifying your contract execution and deployment.

In today’s digital world, your organization needs to regularly adopt new innovations without having to constantly replan and adjust operating budgets. Cohesity offers multi-year subscriptions that can qualify as a capital expense (CapEx)1 which may be advantageous in the current business climate. In contrast, renewing legacy backup maintenance contracts are an operating expense (OpEx) which can impinge on your already limited OpEx budget.
1 Per US GAAP accounting rules. Check with your professional tax advisor for advice specific to your company

With legacy backup, you have to deal with variable meters for different workloads—virtual is different than Microsoft 365 which is different than physical, for example—making it easy to miscalculate how much you use. Cohesity not only simplifies software adoption but makes it easy to keep doing business. Our single, easy-to-track meter license (in TBs) combined with a real-time usage dashboard helps your organization eliminate time-consuming, costly, year-end audits.

With Cohesity, you benefit from a scale-out approach that allows you to pay as your environment grows. You get clear visibility into how much capacity you have as well as real-time usage monitoring. Cohesity brings predictability to your future purchases. Eliminating guesstimates is a key benefit of our streamlined, transparent, subscription licensing model.

Unlike legacy point products that use separate, siloed servers, software and gateways, Cohesity eliminates IT complexity and data fragmentation. Cohesity consolidates data and workloads on a single platform, simplifies management with a single-pane view of data and performs a range of advanced data reduction techniques. Our solution empowers organizations to maintain their competitive edge and reduce cyber risk while saving costs. In fact, the recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Cohesity study reports organizations that use a Cohesity lower TCO, achieving at least a 150% return on investment (ROI) over three years.

Organizations adopting Cohesity achieve benefits

  • 150% ROI over 3 years
  • 7 months on average recouped investment
  • Simplified operations and eliminated wasted person hours
  • Reduced risk through 100% reduction in planned downtime by year 3
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