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Finding Value for Service Providers in a Hyperscaler Ecosystem

451 Research expects Service Providers to embrace deeper relationships with hyperscale cloud providers and increased diversity of partnerships as time goes on.

In multi-cloud environments, data management is among the highest-value managed services that a provider can offer.

These services include backup, archive, disaster recovery (DR), test/dev, file shares, object storage, and analytics as a service—on-prem, in a hybrid modality, in a service provider datacenter, in public cloud, or in some combination of the above.

Cohesity provides Service Providers a web-scale, API-first, multi-cloud platform that helps them leverage hyperscale cloud and their own hybrid assets to deliver a leading, profitable suite of services.

Find out more on how Service Providers can drive higher revenue and lower costs by embracing hyperscalers to deliver value-added data management services.

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