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Buyer’s Guide: 7 Attributes to Instant and Predictable Recovery

The events of 2020 pulled back the curtain on business continuity and disaster recovery — and many companies were caught unprepared. Using legacy backup products like Veritas NetBackup, organizations found they struggled to meet recovery SLAs after an increasing number of ransomware attacks.

A recent MIT study* found that although nearly two-thirds of organizations had business continuity plans in place before the pandemic, less than half reported that their plans were adequate.

In this new buyer’s guide, you’ll find:

  • The 7 attributes you need from your backup technology to achieve rapid and predictable recovery
  • What “predictable recovery” really means, and how it will help you rest easier
  • A checklist to conduct an audit of your current backup solution

Download the buyer’s guide and learn how to recover with confidence.

*MIT Technology Review Insights Study

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