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Beat Cybercriminals at the Ransomware Game

Get AI-driven data classification and threat detection with Cohesity DataGovern.

Learn How to Fight Ever-Evolving Ransomware Threats

What would happen if your organization’s sensitive data were leaked to the public? 

Traditional solutions are no longer effective at combating sophisticated cyberattacks—and rapid recovery alone is insufficient. Organizations need a solution that can identify sensitive information across silos, quickly detect suspicious activity, and respond to stop cybercriminals in their tracks. 

Watch the Beat Cybercriminals at the Ransomware Game webcast and learn how to:

  • Discover and locate sensitive data quickly and accurately 
  • Uncover data overexposure risks 
  • Respond rapidly to ransomware and data exfiltration with intelligent machine learning
Doug Ko

Douglas Ko
Product Marketing

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