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Bunker Down With Cohesity: FortKnox Webinar

Hear from one of our field CISOs to learn how companies can improve their security posture and prepare to meet new cybersecurity standards.

FortKnox Can Help Your Company “Bunker Down.”

In September, The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) presented new amendments to up its cybersecurity requirements for financial institutions headquartered in the state. New York has sent a clear message in terms of “codifying” cybersecurity and other regulatory rules for financial institutions. Among other additions, the new standards mandate that covered entities must maintain backups isolated from network connections in an air gap topology. If strengthening technical requirements has begun for US financial institutions, then it leads to the question, what other industries will follow suit? Register for this webinar to hear how we are helping companies “Bunker Down” to meet the changing guidelines with FortKnox.

  • Hear about the advantages of an air gap for securing backup data
  • Discover the role that backup vendors play in the overall data security landscape
  • Learn about virtual air gap approaches, including FortKnox
  • View a FortKnox live demo
Ron Nixon

Ron Nixon
Field CISO

Stephen Gyarmati

Stephen Gyarmati
Field Technical Director

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