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Closing the Data Protection Gap

Fireside chats with Cohesity customers who share
their day-to-day challenges—and their solutions.

Insights from Cohesity Experts and Customers

Join us for a series of fireside chats with companies tackling day-to-day backup and recovery challenges with Cohesity.

Learn how IT operators are protecting their business-critical data sources, including M365, VMware, Kubernetes, Oracle, NetApp, MongoDB and more, and evolving rapidly to meet demanding SLAs in today’s challenging cybersecurity environment.

On-Demand Webinars

Proliance Surgeons Dramatically Simplified Protecting Their VMware Environment

Healthcare organizations like Proliance are dealing with more than growing data and aging infrastructure. They’re dealing with sophisticated cyberattacks and increasingly complex operations.

Proliance Surgeons have around 1PB of data—90% of which is virtualized on VMware. As their risk grew along with their data, they needed a solution that simplified their operations while reducing their risk, and providing rapid recovery capabilities.

Join us for the conversation and learn how Proliance:

  • Dramatically simplified data management and saved hundreds of man-hours
  • Gained instant mass restore capabilities for their VMware environment
  • Supported backup, archival, LTR, and files use cases, all on a single, software-defined platform with Cohesity
Curt Kwak, Proliance Surgeons

Curt Kwak
Proliance Surgeons

Jon Hildebrand

Jon Hildebrand
Principal Technologist

Hear How Clearsense Kept Up With Nutanix’s New Modern Architecture

Like so many modern organizations, Clearsense has accelerated their digital transformation by replacing legacy storage environments with Nutanix.

And like so many, Clearsense saw a growing gap in their data protection as their modern architecture evolved.

In this webcast conversation, you’ll learn:

  • How Clearsense found a well-matched modern backup solution that could keep up with Nutanix’s architecture
  • How Cohesity addressed the organization’s evolving requirements
  • Best practices Clearsense learned on their journey
Charles Boicey

Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC
Co-Founder/Chief Innovation Officer
Clearsense, LLC

Jon Hildebrand

Jon Hildebrand
Principal Technologist

What Happened When Cybercriminals Made a Play for Sky Lakes Medical’s Backup Data

Ransomware attacks are now targeting not just IT production data, but backup data as well. 

These sophisticated attacks on backup data are existential threats—and organizations must step up their game to win against this rapidly increasing cyberthreat.

Watch this webcast to hear:

  • Insight on the current industry trends and how ready organizations really are to protect and recover from a ransomware attack
  • The story of how Sky Lakes Medical lived through a ransomware attack that compromised and encrypted their production and legacy backup infrastructure
  • A lively discussion on how a modern backup and data management solution can help strengthen an organization’s security posture, especially against threats like ransomware
Christophe Bertrand

Christophe Bertrand
Senior Analyst

John Gaede

John Gaede
Director of Information Services
Sky Lakes Medical Center

Raj Dutt

Raj Dutt
Senior Director Product Marketing

See How Albemarle Achieved a 100% Backup Success Rate

For many IT teams, legacy backup and recovery solutions cannot overcome the operational challenges posed by mass data fragmentation. And with backups, anything less than 100% puts you at risk. 

In this webcast, you’ll learn how:

  • Albemarle dramatically simplified backup and recovery for a host of data sources, including VMware, Nutanix AHV, Microsoft SQL, and NAS on a single web-scale solution
  • Consistently achieves a 100% backup success rate.
  • Successfully modernized and eliminated data and infrastructure silos.
Derek Morrison, Albemarle Corporation

Derek Morrison
Sr. IT Systems Engineer
Albemarle Corporation

Jon Hildebrand

Jon Hildebrand
Principal Technologist

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