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Going Beyond Backup and Recovery: Comprehensive Solution to Manage and Make Your Oracle Data Productive

Backup and recovery for Oracle environments is a challenge and a balancing act. Database administrators need to confront large and growing data volumes while being cognizant of the need for greater performance, faster application development cycles, and more visibility into their data.

Cohesity radically simplifies the protection and management of your Oracle environment in a number of ways. The range and ease of Oracle database restorations and copy data management, including instant zero-cost clones and flexible restores, dramatically reduces manageability overhead and contributes to faster application development cycles.

In this on-demand webinar, we will take a look at how Cohesity provides:

  • Flexibility in protecting your Oracle environments without changing your existing workflows
  • More visibility into your data, while consolidating silos in your infrastructure and eliminating single point of failure scenarios
  • Dramatically faster backups with a distributed, scale-out architecture and an incremental forever backup strategy
  • A range of recovery options including to the same location, alternate location, point-in-time, and granular recovery that leverages views
  • Faster application development and test cycles with instant clones and clone refreshing, all at a fraction of space utilization of competitors, via Cohesity’s global deduplication and compression

Matt Ellis, Sr. Solutions Architect, Cohesity

Michael Letschin, Principal Technology, Cohesity

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