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Got Hacked? How Quickly Can Your Organization Recover?

On-demand Webinar

In this webinar, security experts from Cohesity and Cisco, as well as ethical hacker  Jamie Woodruff,  answer the question “Got hacked? How quickly can your organization recover?” Attendees will be better informed to make the right choices about their organizations’ security.

There is no one that Jamie Woodruff couldn’t hack. An expert in cybersecurity, Jamie made a name for himself by ethically hacking Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In doing so, he highlighted how at risk their data was and showcased the integrity gaps within their websites. What does this mean for ordinary businesses? Anyone can be targeted and hacked.

Next-gen data management and backup is the key for minimizing the impact and more importantly, making sure you can quickly recover.

In just 45-minutes, you will:

  • Learn about ransomware and how it has evolved
  • Explore the human side to security
  • Discover the evolutionary aspects of cyber security
  • Share common social engineering techniques
  • Hear why good next-gen data management and preparedness / backup is key
Jamie Woodruff

Jamie Woodruff
Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Specialist

Lothar Renner

Lothar Renner
Managing Director, Cisco Security, EMEAR

Sanjeev Desai

Sanjeev Desai
Senior Director, Solutions Marketing

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