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Mass Data Fragmentation: The Hidden Threat to IT Efficiency

Data is one of the most valuable resources to the digital business – or it can be a management headache and a potential compliance risk. What makes the difference? Watch this webinar to learn about a major issue that’s impacting enterprises globally – mass data fragmentation – and how to deal with it. Hear first-hand from Steve Culy, Sr. Systems Engineer at Navis, how they have simplified and modernized their secondary data and storage infrastructure.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about:

  • New research that reveals the extent of mass data fragmentation in global enterprises today
  • How you can address the issues with a solution specifically designed to simplify managing secondary data and apps globally
  • How Navis embarked on their journey to transforming their data infrastructure with Cohesity


Steve Culy, Sr. Systems Engineer R&D Infrastructure Ops, Navis LLC
Peter Linkin, Sr. Director of Enterprise Marketing, Cohesity
Raj Dutt, Director of Product Marketing, Cohesity
Mike Matchett, Principal Analyst, Small World Big Data

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