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Minimizing the TCO of Data Protection and Scale out NAS

Up to 80% of a company’s storage capacity is consumed by “secondary data” – particularly backup, but also user files, copies for test and development, etc. Storing and managing these files can create a number of challenges for enterprise IT, that ultimately translates to higher costs. Cohesity’s DataPlatform can minimize the costs of the scale out NAS solutions typically used to storage secondary data. It can also replace the data protection systems that are a big part of this secondary data infrastructure.

Hear from Eric Slack of the Evaluator Group and Cohesity’s Satinder Sharma in this informative webinar and learn:

  • What secondary data is and the challenges it presents
  • How Cohesity’s DataPlatform can minimize these costs of secondary data
  • How Cohesity can replace an enterprise data protection system

Eric Slack, Sr. Analyst, Evaluator Group
Satinder Sharma, Competitve Marketing Director, Cohesity

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