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Protect Your AWS Workloads—and Keep Cybercriminals Out for Good

Ransomware Is No Longer Just an IT Challenge

Sophisticated cybercriminals are now reaching into our everyday lives with fast and ferocious attacks that affect everything from hospitals to state and local governments.

To guarantee a payout, cybercriminals are going beyond encryption of production and backup data. Now they’re also exfiltrating an organization’s most sensitive data and threatening to expose it on the dark web.

Companies need to evolve to ensure their cloud data is protected from these increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Join us for our upcoming webcast for a panel discussion with experts from AWS and our partner, P1 Technologies, and learn how to:

  • Apply strategies to overcome ransomware attacks from our panel’s real-life experiences
  • Protect your Amazon workloads from data breaches and ransomware attacks
  • Reduce risk with an air-gapped copy of data

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Diana Shtil Webinar Headshot

Diana Shtil
Product Marketing Director

Reid Conklin

Reid Conklin
SaaS Sales Director West

Girish Chanchlani Webinar Headshot

Girish Chanchlani
Sr. Partner Solutions Architect

Jeff DiNisco

Jeff DiNisco
Chief Technology Officer
P1 Technologies

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