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Protecting Your Cloud-Native Data in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Special guest reveals gaps and trends

In 2020, 70% of Organizations Hosting Data/Workloads in the Public Cloud Experienced a Security Incident*

That same survey found that 44% of organizations report data loss/leakage as one of their top three concerns. 

Protecting cloud data is critical as cloud adoption accelerates, but how does that change in a hybrid environment?

Business continuity relies on data security — so who is responsible for protecting your data within the cloud and SaaS applications?

In this webcast, Microsoft MVP Brien Posey joins Cohesity Field CTO Theresa Miller for an insightful conversation on protecting cloud-native data. Join the discussion to learn about:

  • The shared responsibility model for protecting data within a hybrid-cloud environment 
  • Evaluating different techniques to protect your cloud data 
  • The latest cybersecurity trends impacting data in the cloud

Access the webinar to ensure your data is protected in a hybrid-cloud environment. 

*Sophos report: The State of Cloud Security 2020

Brien Posey Headshot

Brien Posey
Microsoft MVP

Theresa Headshot

Theresa Miller
Cohesity Field CTO

Raj Dutt Formal

Raj Dutt
Moderator, Sr. Director
Product Marketing, Cohesity

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