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Rethink data security with Cohesity ReConnect

Fact: 46% of organizations have been hit by a ransomware attack in the past 6 months.

  • Could you recover from an attack?
  • Do you practice your fail-safe plan?
  • Could your business survive?

Learn about the latest cybersecurity trends from leading industry experts and how to put the theory into practice in real-life scenarios.

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On-Demand Webinars

Organizations are under daily threats from hackers, cybercriminals, and nation-state actors intent on doing harm. Data must be properly secured, but businesses also must digitally transform. This new era requires a bold, new vision. In his keynote, Cohesity CEO and President Sanjay Poonen lays out this vision. It’s one where infrastructure has built-in, not bolted-on, security. Where ransomware protection and rapid recovery are a given. And where game-changing AI brings data and security together. You’ll hear from a panel of cybersecurity leaders from Palo Alto Networks, Crowdstrike, Splunk, and Tenable, and learn how Cohesity’s powerful partner coalition strengthens your data security and the core of your business itself.


Lee Klarich
Chief Product Officer
Palo Alto Networks

Ray Komar ReConnect Headshot

Ray Komar
VP Technology & Cloud Alliances

Patrick Coughlin

Patrick Coughlin
Vice President, GTM Strategy & Specialization

Amol Kulkarni Headshot

Amol Kulkarni
Chief Product & Engineering Officer

Join Mohit Aron, Cohesity’s Founder and Chief Technology & Product Officer, as he dives into the future of data security and management. He’ll dive into new innovations and make major new data security announcements that help you defend your data, detect anomalies with AI-powered forensics and threat scanning, and ultimately, recover your data in the event of an attack.


Mohit Aron
Founder and Chief Technology and Product Officer

Watch Cohesity data security and data management solutions in action. This session will walk you through a demo of Cohesity’s data security, data isolation, and ransomware detection and recovery capabilities all managed through a single UI. Learn how to quickly secure and protect your data, detect anomalies and potential threats, and rapidly recover clean data with confidence when the inevitable attack occurs.


Theresa Miller
Director, Technical Advocacy Group

CISOs are on the front line dealing with the onslaught and proliferation of ransomware attacks. How are they making cyber resilience a foundational part of their strategy? Join this panel to hear real-world examples about how CISOs are focusing their strategies on recovery and resilience, all centered around their data. You’ll gain insights from a select group of CISOs across multiple industries.


Matt Waxman
Chief Solutions Officer

Mike Higgins

Mike Higgins
Director, Healthcare Security

Chip Regan

Chip Regan
Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

Jeff Kaden

Jeff Kaden
Chief Information Security Office

No organization today can stand still when it comes to using data to power their business. Today ITs is being called on to empower the business with data, all while keeping it safe and out of the wrong hands. Hear Kristie Cummings, Senior Director of IT at NRG Energy and John Murphy, Senior Director of IT at ConAgra in an engaging conversation on how they work to balance these demands.

Lynn Lucas

Lynn Lucas
Chief Marketing Officer

Kristie Cummings ReConnect Headshot

Kristie Cummings
NRG Energy

John Murphy ReConnect Headshot

John Murphy
Senior Director of Information Technology

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