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See the Secrets of the Secret Service: 3 Critical Areas of Ransomware Readiness

Gartner predicts the information security market will reach $170.4 billion by 2022.* But when it comes to modernizing IT security posture, most IT organizations focus and invest only on their technology infrastructure — and this narrow approach is putting organizations at risk of sophisticated ransomware attacks.

As Ike Barnes from the U.S. Secret Service and Brian Spanswick, Cohesity’s own Chief Information Security Officer, will reveal in this eye-opening discussion, people, processes and technology must work together to fight this growing security threat.

Join the webcast to learn:

  • Why people are the weakest link in cybersecurity, and how continued training is vital
  • How clearly defined processes and roles make all the difference in disaster response 
  • Why backups are a critical part of organizations’ overall security posture 

The right set of technology tools is critical — but when your backup is a ransomware target, your people and processes are critical too.

*Gartner, Forecast Analysis: Information Security, Worldwide, 2Q18 Update

Ike Barnes Image

Ike Barnes
Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge
US Secret Service

Brian Spanswick Headshot

Brian Spanswick
Chief Information Security Officer

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