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Solving Data Fragmentation in the Hybrid Cloud

Data drives the digital business transformation journey, but too often, organizations struggle to leverage the profound value of their data insights. Blame fragmentation: when data is scattered in silos across the enterprise, bringing it together in a secure and accessible way is all but impossible. With Ovum anticipating dramatic growth for hybrid cloud, the data fragmentation challenge will only deepen: the mixture of public cloud and private cloud involves many different operating environments, presenting a host of new fragmentation complexities CIOs must solve in order to truly maximize their data assets and keep them safe from harm.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why this new era of business requires a new approach to IT
  • How the migration of applications to public cloud infrastructure impacts data management
  • How consolidating data yields greater insights and increases developer opportunities


  • Roy Illsley | Distinguished Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum
  • Douglas Ko | Director of Product Marketing, Cloud at Cohesity
  • Dale Kirby | Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
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