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Trust your SaaS provider with your data? It’s not their responsibility.

SaaS applications offer huge value to enterprise organizations. 

With default data retention built into products like Microsoft 365, it’s no surprise that many IT teams believe their organization’s SaaS data is safe and sound.

When a ransomware attack hits or a malicious user threatens data security, however, SLAs are put to the test.

And many organizations are discovering that default isn’t good enough.

Availability and data recoverability aren’t the same thing. And your data is your responsibility. Join Cohesity Director, Technology Advocacy Group, Theresa Miller in this webinar to learn how to:

  • Assess when default retention isn’t enough to protect your SaaS data
  • Protect your hybrid cloud data against ransomware and meet recovery SLAs
  • Simplify your data protection with Cohesity

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Theresa Miller

Theresa Miller
Director, Technology Advocacy Group

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