Cohesity Cloud Services, a portfolio of offerings built atop the Cohesity Data Cloud platform, radically simplifies the way data is backed up, vaulted, secured, governed, and analyzed. It provides capacity-based pricing, eliminates infrastructure and silos, and consolidates data from multiple use cases such as data backup and recovery, cyber vaulting, disaster recovery, threat intelligence and ML-powered data classification, and analytics – all provided through a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model.

Cohesity Cloud Services portfolio include:

  • Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a service is one of our DMaaS portfolio offerings which provides backup and recovery capabilities (BaaS) for cloud-native, SaaS, and on-premises data sources.
  • Cohesity FortKnox, a modern cyber vaulting solution.
  • Cohesity DataHawk, an all-in-one solution for advanced threat intelligence and scanning, cyber vaulting, and ML-powered data classification.
  • Cohesity SiteContinuity provides SaaS-based automated disaster recovery failover and failback orchestration to the AWS public cloud for disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

Customers access and use all Cloud Services offerings, including SiteContinuity, directly through the Cohesity Helios management global control plane.

Please sign up for the free trial here. Once our representative validates your sign-up information, you will receive an activation email with instructions to set up your account and start using your free trial.

Setup for both the free trial and the paid service is designed to be simple. Once your account has been validated you can start the setup process. Cohesity customers can use their existing on-premises cluster(s) to replicate to the cloud with the correct software version. New customers can set up replication from once they deploy an on-premises instance. Setup time will vary depending on the size and complexity of your environment.

Your data is secured both in transit and at rest — and we give you the option to manage your own encryption keys or have our service manage them for you. For more information visit our Trust Center page.

The Cohesity Data Cloud platform that includes the Cloud Services offerings run on is SOC 2 Type II certified on the Security, Availability, and Confidentiality Trust Services Categories. Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a service maintains Common Criteria EAL2 and FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certificates. Additionally, Cohesity can make available a standard Business Associate Addendum (BAA) for organizations with applicable HIPAA compliance requirements.

Yes. You need Cohesity software on-premises to use our DRaaS offering.

SiteContinuity currently supports replication of VMware virtual machines to the cloud for our DRaaS solution. We plan to continue to add support for more on-prem data sources in the future.

SiteContinuity supports replication, failover, and failback of virtual machines (VMs) from on-premises to cloud (AWS) for DRaaS.

Cohesity guarantees that the SiteContinuity offering has an availability SLA of 99.9%. You can define your own backup SLAs and monitor performance through the Helios management GUI. Please see our Service Level Agreement for more details.

There are three licenses required: 1) DR orchestration based on front end terabyte (FETB), 2) data protection license based on back end terabytes (BETB) and 3) cloud storage capacity based on BETB. FETB is measured by the data residing in the data sources being protected. For example, if you have a VM with 1 TB provisioned disk volume with 95 GB of files, 95 GB will count towards your FETB orchestration subscription. Data that is stored and protected on-premises prior to replication is billed on BETB and includes capacity savings from compression and deduplication. Data that is replicated and stored on the Cohesity cloud service is billed on BETB which accounts for capacity savings from compression and deduplication, but also multiple copies of data that you choose to retain for your configured retention period (how many copies for how long).

No. Cohesity DRaaS uses the cloud infrastructure in your AWS account for failover. The DR orchestration for failover and failback includes the automated spin-up and tear down of Amazon EC2 instances in your AWS accounts. These actions are orchestrated by Cohesity on your behalf and you are responsible for paying the usage charges billed by AWS.

Please contact us when you are ready to subscribe to our DRaaS offering. In the meantime feel free to try things out on your own by signing up to a 30 day free trial.

SiteContinuity is currently available in the following countries and regions:

Countries Cloud Regions (replication target and failover location)*
Europe, Middle East, Africa
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
US-East-1 (N. Virginia)
US-East-2 (Ohio)
US-West-1 (N. California)
US-West-2 (Oregon)
Canada-Central (Quebec)Asia Pacific
Asia-Pacific (Singapore)
Asia-Pacific (Sydney)Europe, Middle East, Africa
Europe (Frankfurt)
Europe (London)
Europe (Paris)
Middle East (Bahrain)
Asia Pacific
New Zealand

* The management UI (control plane) and portal for all Cohesity Cloud Services offerings are hosted in the US.

SiteContinuity is only available to customers in the countries listed in the table above at this time. We expect to announce availability in other geographies throughout 2023.

SiteContinuity for DRaaS currently supports failover to the AWS cloud. SiteContunity also supports site-to-site failover to a secondary site. In the future, we expect to support site-to-site failover with the secondary site in the cloud running self-managed Cohesity software.

SiteContinuity for DRaaS provides a hosted DR orchestration cloud service and uses infrastructure resources in your AWS account to failover. You still need to manage your on-premises and while Cohesity manages the infrastructure used for DRaaS in your AWS account, you still need to manage your own AWS account and any costs incurred while using DRaaS. If you require a fully managed DRaaS please contact us.

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