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Data Tsunami Multiplying Storage Silos

Your data is growing exponentially and 80% of that will be unstructured according to Gartner. However, spiraling capacity and costs are just the beginning of the problem.

Not all unstructured data is created equal. From file shares and large media that require random reads to backup and archive workloads that need sequential writes, data originating from multiple sources is consumed differently.

The result: multiple storage silos. Each one from a different vendor, with different management and licensing.

A Modern, Web-Scale File and Object Solution

Now you can eliminate storage silos, reduce cost, and radically simplify management with a single solution. Cohesity DataPlatform consolidates all secondary workloads on a single, web-scale platform. Using hyperconverged technology, you can manage backup and archive, files and objects, test and develop, and analytics workloads together. And Cohesity DataPlatform works in your core data center, your remote or branch offices, and in any private or public cloud.

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"By 2021, more than 80% of enterprise data will be stored in scale-out storage systems.”

Gartner – Infrastructure & Operations: Top 10 Trends to Watch

Simplify Storage Management

  • Manage all your secondary data on a single web-scale platform
  • Seamlessly read and/or write to the same data volume with simultaneous multiprotocol access for NFS, SMB and S3
  • Deploy in your data center, private cloud, or public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud)
  • Reduce your data center footprint by eliminating unnecessary hardware silos

Unlimited Scalability with Efficiency

  • Scale-out limitlessly and seamlessly to address your data growth
  • Guaranteed data resiliency at scale with strict consistency
  • Gain unparalleled storage efficiency with true global dedupe, even across nodes
  • Compress your cold or streaming data by 5x to 10x
  • Start as small as three nodes
  • Expand easily with a pay-as-you-grow model
  • No more forklift updates

Easy Pathway to the Cloud

  • Span from data center to edge to any cloud with a single platform
  • Easily extend to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud without a gateway
  • Make your storage environment elastic to address changing business requirements instantly
  • Leverage on premises benefits in the cloud with native protocol access

Make Your Data Work for You

  • Instantly provision zero-cost clones to accelerate application development
  • Powerful global indexing and search to meet your compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Gain greater insight into your data with in-place analytics

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  • Cohesity - Easy to implement, even easier to manage
    – Lead Storage Administrator in the Education Industry
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    – Chief Information Officer in the Healthcare Industry