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The $60B Challenge

Data is an enterprise’s most valuable digital resource. It should be a competitive asset, but instead data has become a costly and risky IT management headache.

Secondary data has become so fragmented across infrastructure silos and locations that it is too complex for IT to protect or locate – let alone leverage. Learn how to identify mass data fragmentation and establish best practices across your organization for safely and cost-effectively defeating it.

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How do I know if Mass Data Fragmentation is a problem?

Survey Results Underscore the Gravity of the Problem Globally

New global research into secondary data defines the mass data fragmentation challenge and highlights ways to address it.

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Hidden Costs of Mass Data Fragmentation

Disconnected data islands are not only dangerous, but costly to a business. A successful cloud service provider offers perspective.

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Cohesity is the Swiss Army knife for the data center. Not only do we have a modern backup and recovery solution that works, Cohesity is also able to extend to native integration for cloud, file and objects, security, and test/dev. We deployed Cohesity Helios to manage our multi-cluster environment, giving us global management and ransomware protection from edge to cloud from a single, unified platform.

Jonathon Mancini, Supervisor, Datacenter Operations

ProPak has data stored in multiple locations and systems, and there is an advantage to not only consolidating and structuring data for better management, but to also leverage and access data for business value.

Erik Butler, Infrastructure Manager


The go-forward strategy for secondary storage and data fragmentation is a key priority. It’s imperative for AutoNation to secure solutions that seamlessly integrate backup and restore with our secondary storage across our entire environment.

Adam Rasner, Vice President, Technology Operations

Looking ahead as a mid-stage, high-growth company, we are focused on solutions that not only meet our business requirements, but empower us to address mass data fragmentation head on.

Kevin Kenner, Director - IT Systems Engineering

The connection between Mass Data Fragmentation and digital transformation. Zeus Kerravela, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, explains.

Mass Data Fragmentation compared to another globally important issue. Alan Cohen, member of the Forbes Technology Council, discusses.

A fresh approach to secondary storage is required to solve the growing mass data fragmentation (MDF) problem.