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Enterprise and Cloud Storage Combined. No More Compromise.

Enterprise or cloud storage? Enterprise storage gives you standard interfaces (NFS, SMB), but is deployed on expensive hardware that doesn’t scale. Cloud storage is great at scaling out, but relies on proprietary protocols. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have the best of both worlds?

Cohesity SpanFS gives you just that. SpanFS was built to consolidate all secondary storage and eliminate legacy storage silos. It’s the only file system that combines NFS, SMB and S3 interfaces, global deduplication, and unlimited snaps and clones, on a web-scale platform. No more compromising between enterprise and cloud stacks!

Unlimited Scale.

Enterprise data volumes are increasing fast – about 40% per year. To take control, you need a solution that scales. And that’s just what SpanFS is designed to do. Everything on the platform is fully distributed. There is no single choke point. Start with as little as three nodes, just add nodes to the cluster as you expand, and let SpanFS dynamically rebalance your data.

We’d love to tell you how far SpanFS scales. But the truth is, we haven’t hit the limit yet. Based on test data, we know that it scales linearly to a massive 256 node cluster without breaking a sweat.

Read the Taneja Group report for more details.

Under the Hood.

SpanFS exposes industry-standard, globally distributed NFS, SMB, and S3 interfaces. The IO Engine manages IO operations for all the data written to or read from the system. It detects random vs. sequential IO profiles, splits the data into chunks, performs deduplication, and directs the data to the most appropriate storage tier (SSD, HDD, cloud storage). To keep track of the data, SpanFS also includes a completely new Metadata Store. The Metadata Store is based on a consistent, distributed NoSQL store for fast IO operations at scale. And SnapTree® provides a distributed metadata structure based on B+ tree concepts. SnapTree is unique in its ability to support unlimited, frequent snapshots with no performance degradation.

SnapTree for Unlimited Snaps and Clones.

Cohesity doesn’t just do Copy Data Management, it eliminates the need to make redundant copies of data. Unlike other “backup first” solutions, SnapTree creates instant clones of any data (backups, files, objects), at scale, to any point-in-time, with no performance impact.

With SnapTree, files are represented by a tree of pointers to the underlying data. The root node represents the file, and the leaf nodes contain the location of the data. As snapshots are taken, a new root node is created, but the number of hops from the root to the leaves does not increase. Customers can take snapshots as frequently as desired – without ever experiencing performance degradations

Read the Enterprise Strategy Group report showing instant restore at scale.

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