Customer Satisfaction: When They’re Happy, We’re Happy

By Andrew Dobrov • October 31, 2019

Every day is an opportunity to do something amazing. For some, amazing is defined as climbing a 29,000-foot mountain. For us, it’s knowing our customers are having the best day possible.

While we aren’t in the business of climbing mountains, we do strive for the top when it comes to making sure our customers are content. Backup and recovery has become a critical area for enterprises, especially with the rise of ransomware and other threats to their most precious resource – data. We make sure our customers are able to predictably recover their data. And we make equally sure when they pick up the phone, their support needs are met.

We have a few different ways of knowing our customers are satisfied, and sustaining a Net Promoter Score (NPS) above 90 for the past year is one of them. In fact, we rang in NPS scores of 94, 92, and 95 for the months of July, August, and September respectively.

But customer satisfaction isn’t just a numbers game. We know our customers are happy by listening to them. We ask, and they tell us how we are doing. When the NPS score and the customer feedback match, we have achieved our highest goal, which is customer satisfaction. Now that’s an amazing feeling.

Hear What Cohesity Customers Say About Support

Since we started using Cohesity in August 2018 I have worked with the best Support Engineers! I have worked with Anand many times … he is extremely nice, helpful and always goes above and beyond and he ALWAYS follows up to make sure everything is working!!!

Kyle provided excellent customer service and technical support. Also, his patience and level of understanding to guide our remote technician through the troubleshooting process was outstanding.

A shout-out for support engineer Tarun and his colleague on their high quality help. It was a quick and right-on resolution. Thank you!

I was in a tight situation whilst on site installing a new cluster, and didn’t think I would have the patience to wait for a support engineer … I went from being on the verge of rage quitting to happy as Larry in about an hour. After recent support calls with other firms that work in the complete opposite way, this was exactly what I needed. Keep up the great work!

The Cohesity Support team has been great and is always quick to respond and resolve any issues I have.

I love Cohesity support because our support agent is always available and useful.

Cohesity support is always there with the answers I need whenever I need them. I have never had any issues getting ahold of anyone and everyone I have talked to has been incredibly helpful and very informative.

Very understanding and quick to help.

They are very knowledgeable and have great response time.

Response is always fast and the engineers truly take ownership of the case.

The Cohesity support team has always responded promptly and made every effort to resolve my problems.

They will work hard to answer questions and pass along product enhancement ideas.

The support is friendly and easy to contact. They also know how to solve the problems.

They have solved all of our issues we have had on first contact.

After years working with the old dogs in technology, my Cohesity support experience was unique. I opened a Sev3 ticket and got a call back in an hour (not 3-4 days). The engineer on the line was well versed in the Cohesity product, and could dive into technical details without escalation to another resource. Once the issue was addressed, I was also asked if there was anything he could help with. I have never had the opportunity to just talk tech with a support engineer. They are usually focused on the issue and nothing else. New issue? Hang up and call back with a new ticket. Not Cohesity … please don’t ever change.