Last Wednesday was Valentine’s Day. All over the globe, beautiful bouquets of red roses were presented, decadent chocolates were eaten, and romantic dinners were shared; it has become an annual celebration of love and romance.

And then there are those that can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to be over. Like a bad movie, you’re just waiting for the right moment to walk out. Out of respect, you didn’t do it on February 14, but you held your breath, endured the charade, and waited for the holiday to be over.

Now, one week post-Valentine’s Day, all bets are off.

For years, you’ve battled with your aged and inflexible backup solution that was designed decades ago, for a different era. Time to rid yourself of the legacy backup baggage:

  • It’s getting harder and harder to meet SLAs
  • You’re facing audits from your legacy backup vendor
  • Budgets are tighter and you’re having to spend more on backups
  • A simple software update is labor intensive and requires downtime
  • Need for multiple user interfaces and complex-to-configure solutions
  • Forklift upgrades every 3-5 years

You’ve suffered long enough with antiquated backup vendors and now it’s time for a secondary storage solution designed for today’s data protection needs. You need:

  • A simple all-in-one backup solution that includes global dedupe and compression
  • Instant mass restore – when your environment goes down, we bring it right back!
  • Straight-forward total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Seamless, non-disruptive operations and upgrades. No downtime for maintenance.
  • Pay-as-you-grow

Enough is enough. It’s been a one-sided relationship for far too long. Demand more from your data protection solution. It’s time to break up with your legacy backup solution.

To learn more and see what kind of improvements you can gain for your environment, visit this page.

Head of Field Marketing and Demand Generation
Mike Kim
Head of Field Marketing and Demand Generation

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