Nov 8, 2018|2 min|Technology

Cohesity and VMware vCloud Director: Simplicity Meets Multi-Tenant Protection

Multi-tenancy is a challenge. Whether you’re a managed service provider or an enterprise supporting multiple resource consumers, ensuring resources for all tenants and reducing management overhead is a balancing act.

Leading service providers and multi-tenant organizations use vCloud Director to provide flexible infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environments for their tenants. VMware vCloud Director accomplishes this with a catalog-based self-service system along with policy controls, enabling granular control of resource allocation to tenants and their virtual data centers, virtual machines, and vApps.

Customers who adopt VMware vCloud Director often mention the following benefits:

  • Increased business agility
  • Greater security and control in managing multiple tenants
  • Reduced costs by a more efficient way of delivering resources

While simplifying allocation management, byproducts of vCloud Director — additional logical layers — pose a data protection challenge. Protecting these many moving parts — vApps, their respective VMs and data, their internal networking configuration, and their external-facing networking configuration — is a significant roadblock in complete multi-tenancy simplification.

Comprehensive and Granular Protection for vCloud Director

Cohesity supports in-depth protection for vCloud Director, going beyond surface-level protection. Cohesity has been designed to integrate with VMware vCloud Director, recognizing its constructs and providing protection and recovery at the vCloud Director level, organization level, or even at the vApp level, including protection for individual VM files or vApp networking configuration.

Combining Cohesity with vCloud Director in your environment provides additional benefits, strengthening flexibility, security, and business agility objectives:

  • Converged data protection

End-to-end data protection for vCloud Director with rapid Recovery Point Objectives in minutes and near-instant Recovery Time Objectives.

  • Automated backup

Automated protection of vDCs and vApps, according to your tenant needs.

  • Granular recovery

Ability to recover a subset of VMs, individual files, or an entire vApp.

  • Tenant self-service

Ability to provide self-service data protection services to tenants, with
automated, role-based access controls.

  • Advanced global deduplication

Flexibility to achieve storage efficiency and reduce TCO by 50% or more
through global deduplication across tenants or segregate deduplication for
enhanced security.

  • Flexible chargeback reporting

Ability to track usage and custom service-level agreement (SLA) metrics for
each tenant.

In supporting the creation and management of multi-tenant environments, VMware vCloud Director solves one challenge at the expense of creating another, in the realm of data protection. Cohesity tackles this by understanding the data protection needs of tenants as well as tenant-administrators, bringing unrivaled simplicity to your organization.

To learn more, view the solution brief on the benefits of integrating Cohesity with your vCloud Director environment.

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