Hyperconvergence enables agility by bringing together different data center resources, eliminating silos in the process. In other words, infrastructure bottlenecks are removed through the act of converging disparate components that work together. Agility is made possible through consolidation.

Make no mistake, however; consolidation goes beyond resource consolidation. Hyperconvergence is not just about integrating computing, storage, and networking. Hyperconvergence is about looking at infrastructure holistically, identifying silos and addressing them.

Cohesity is excited to integrate with Cisco HyperFlex to bring together hyperconverged primary workloads with hyperconverged secondary workloads , enabling complete hyperconvergence for enterprise data and applications. Complete hyperconvergence allows every workload to deliver maximum performance, at any scale and at any phase of its lifecycle.

Unlocking Infrastructure Agility

Cohesity DataPlatform is designed to integrate with Cisco HyperFlex, a decision derived from understanding infrastructure, customer needs, and the intrinsic technical strengths of both platforms. With Cohesity, integration with other platforms is not done with a bolt-on approach — integration is built with purpose and intended to be seamless. The result: unrivaled performance, bringing business agility as a corollary.

With rich integration with Cisco HyperFlex, Cohesity DataPlatform enables:

  • Data protection with shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
  • Crash-consistent protection without affecting VM I/O performance

Leveraging Cisco HyperFlex

Cohesity DataPlatform now leverages native Cisco HX — HyperFlex — snapshots. Integration at this level allows for greater value for users, eliminating bottlenecks rather than creating new ones.

With native HX snapshot integration, VM protection workflows can be completed with greater efficiency, alleviating the impact of VM stunning and IO penalties. With native HX snapshot integration, VM protection workflows can be completed with greater efficiency, alleviating the impact of VM stunning and IO penalties. With true integration, backup workflows can be executed without additional IO overhead or VM performance degradation.

Leveraging native Cisco HyperFlex snapshots leads to improved virtual disk consolidation time, time-efficient snapshot deletion, and fewer chains of snapshots — without affecting VM performance. As a result, resource usage is streamlined, starting at the very core.

Strengthening Data Mobility and IT Efficiency

Complete hyperconvergence for primary and secondary workloads leads to several key benefits. Infrastructure can now scale with business needs and IT operations can be streamlined, regardless of whether a workload is labeled as part of a primary or secondary environment.

The joint solution between Cisco HyperFlex and Cohesity DataPlatform provides efficiency and mobility benefits that include:

  • Seamless data mobility across private and public clouds
  • Improved TCO with pay-as-you-grow consumption and policy-based automation
  • Reduced data center footprint with global storage efficiency

Bringing Confidence in Global Data Management

Cohesity’s Google-like search enables quick discovery and recovery of files and VMs on Cisco HyperFlex. Cohesity also searches file data for potential regulatory and compliance violations. Beyond metadata indexing, Cisco HyperFlex customers can run custom queries to find information, including personally identifiable information (PII), legacy eDiscovery data, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) red flags. Cohesity facilitates the ability to achieve faster regulatory compliance and governance.

By consolidating primary and secondary data management, Cisco and Cohesity enable efficiency benefits that go beyond that of infrastructure consolidation. Integrating Cisco HyperFlex and Cohesity DataPlatform allows the benefits of hyperconvergence to permeate an entire IT organization, yielding technical benefits such as data efficiency across heterogeneous workloads, as well as strategic benefits that arise as a corollary in providing unified management for enterprise data.

The combination of Cisco HyperFlex and Cohesity DataPlatform helps organizations address the challenges of mass data fragmentation, allowing teams to move closer to agility — in every sense of the word.

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