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Cohesity Pegasus 6.4: Leading the Way to a New Era in Data Management

Protecting applications and their data has never been more challenging: a gamut of idiosyncratic workloads driving the modern enterprise, more stringent business requirements, and the need to thwart complexity.

Mass data fragmentation puts a name to the driving force behind these emerging challenges and captures the essence of the most pressing issue in the modern IT organization: the ever-growing proliferation of data – across different locations, silos, clouds, and management systems – that prevents organizations from completely utilizing its value.

Cohesity directly addresses mass data fragmentation by consolidating silos and making it simple to protect, manage, and derive extra value from data. With the release of Pegasus 6.4, Cohesity continues to push the boundaries of backup and recovery, leading the way to a new era in data management.

With 6.4, confront the biggest challenges in your organization with new capabilities that underpin two core value premises:

  • Empower your administrator and effortlessly architect – and automate – instant disaster recovery mechanisms.
  • Modernize and simplify data management.

Empower your Administrator

Runbook Automation: Turn Infrastructure into Code and Orchestrate Disaster Recovery

When near 100% uptime is a customer mandate, not a request, disaster recovery plans should be consistently accurate, repeatable, and automated – not provisionally mechanized. Today, some of the biggest challenges in disaster recovery methods are a lack of consistency and preparedness.

With 6.4, Cohesity introduces the ability to architect, orchestrate, and automate key data management workflows, helping address the biggest unsolved challenges in disaster recovery. Now on MarketPlace, Cohesity Runbook makes it simple to systematically move workloads between on-premises data centers and the public cloud. Turn infrastructure into code, and with a drag-and-drop approach to orchestration, you can focus on your business needs and define a consistent plan to instantly recover in the case of disaster. With runbook automation, your customers experience more uptime, your administrators are more content, and you can have dramatically more confidence in the resiliency of your infrastructure. Foreseeing disaster and downtime is a challenge. Recovering from them doesn’t have to be.

Pegasus 6.4 Drag and drop
With a drag-and-drop approach to orchestration, you can define a consistent plan to instantly recover in the case of disaster.

Enhanced Oracle and SAP Data Protection: Empowering the Administrator

6.4 improves the experience in protecting Oracle and SAP HANA environments with key capabilities:

  • Gain more control for Oracle RAC data protection. Define and configure the number of nodes and channels for backup and recovery across the entire RAC system. Speed on your terms has never been easier.
  • Protect Oracle environments, now on AIX. Have more options and protect Oracle workloads, regardless of the operating environment.
  • Simplify SAP HANA data protection. Leverage a stronger integration with SAP HANA: manage and view your most critical HANA data protection workflows, all from Cohesity.

Modernize and Simplify Data Management

6.4 pushes the envelope in backup and recovery, in addition to data management. You now have more flexibility in protecting the workloads that drive your organization – all on a simplified interface.

Simplified Data Management Starts with Management

  • Simplify workflows and see your data with a next-generation user interface. A redefined, modern user interface drives effortless data management, giving you more granular control in a simpler way.

    Pegasus 6.4 UI
    A next-generation user interface simplifies data management, giving greater control – with less effort.
  • Enhance security and simplicity with single sign-on, now with the leading identity providers. Improve the authentication user experience and integrate in minutes with Okta, Duo, Ping Identity, ADFS, and Azure Active Directory.
  • Leverage Helios to manage data and applications, now on-premises. Benefit from Helios, even in your most secure environments. With the ability to run in the cloud, and now, on-premises, Helios supports your infrastructure no matter where you are.
  • Protect your investment with more flexible, non-disruptive scale-out. Combine Cohesity C2000 and C4000 appliances in a single cluster for increased flexibility as you scale.

Do More, and Simplify Your Cloud Strategy

Your infrastructure spans clouds. Your data management strategy should as well. With Pegasus 6.4, enhancements in data protection and management push your cloud strategy forward and give you more options, including further security and more cost-effective retention options.

  • Run natively on AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Cloud. Many public sector organizations, particularly federal agencies, play a balancing act, grappling with two core challenges: fragmented data and security. Now, AWS and Azure customers have broad data management capabilities for secured government clouds that include backup and recovery, long-term retention, and analytics.
  • Leverage AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive for long-term data retention. Verge on the frontier of infrastructure savings with support for cost-effective long-term archival and retention.

Effortless Backup and Recovery for Containers

Bring seamless backup, recovery and data management to modern infrastructure with application-consistent backup and recovery for containerized workloads. With native integration with Kubernetes and the most popular container clustering and orchestration tools, Cohesity protects persistent application metadata and context – safeguarding the entire app, not just its data.

Enter a New Era in Data Management

Clarity in technology is understated: focused delivery catalyzes user happiness, streamlines operations, and reduces costs. With Pegasus 6.4, our intent has never been more clear; by building capabilities that simplify data management and data protection, we continue to address mass data fragmentation. Protecting applications and their data is a challenge. With Cohesity, it has never been simpler.

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