Data becomes increasingly useful and valuable for insights the more it can be effectively utilized.  However, taking full advantage of all your data can be challenging. For many organizations, data growth is accelerating rapidly and challenging the limitations of traditional data management solutions, while frozen data sits idle and provides no value.  In fact, the IDC projects that as much as 80% of worldwide enterprise data will be unstructured by 2025. This data includes audio files, video files, image files, log files, machine and sensor data, as well as social media posts.  

Meanwhile, cyberattacks occur every 39 seconds, on average, 2,244 times per day, and 77% of organizations still don’t have an incident response plan

To defend against these increased threats, you’ll need a modern solution to harness and secure all of your data. With the right apps, your data can continuously deliver value and become your most valuable resource for maintaining a competitive edge.

Modern Data Management

SmartFiles is our software-defined file and object solution. Along with unlimited scale, it provides native multiprotocol support, simplified management, policy-based automation, and a built-in search engine.  It also offers robust data security and protection, metadata-based intelligence, and modern multi-cloud support.  Uniquely, we also offer an ecosystem of integrated apps that you can optionally install directly on the platform to operate on your data efficiently and in place. One such app is the new Cohesity Connector for Varonis.  

The Varonis Data Security Platform offers advanced protection and visibility into your unstructured data.  Varonis automatically identifies sensitive data, provides a complete view and total control of your environment’s permission structure, and logs a full audit trail of data touchpoints. Varonis also uses advanced behavioral analytics to detect suspicious activity related to ransomware, malware, and advanced persistent threats (APTs). These insights allow you to quickly identify where critical data is overexposed and can minimize the impact of breaches by locking down excessive data access at scale and deploying automated responses to stop threats in their tracks.

New Cohesity Connector for Varonis

The new Cohesity Connector for Varonis is available on the Cohesity Marketplace. This connector is free of charge to licensed users of both products, meaning there are no additional costs to integrate the two solutions. 

The configuration of the connector works as follows:

  1. Configure the Cohesity cluster through the Varonis Management Console. 
  2. Download the Cohesity Connector for Varonis app from the Cohesity Marketplace and install the app on the Cohesity cluster.

Once configured for both solutions, the app enables the Cohesity cluster to transfer generated audit events to the Varonis Data Security Platform servers, so you may begin monitoring your SmartFiles data with Varonis.

Cohesity Connector for Varonis

Protect Critical Data with Disaster Defense and Recovery

With the Cohesity SmartFiles and Varonis Data Security Platform joint solution, you can easily manage, monitor, and protect unstructured data across on-premises and cloud data stores.  

In the case of a ransomware attack, SmartFiles and Varonis work together to identify, contain, and recover. Varonis alerts admins to any abnormal behavior that would indicate a ransomware attack, like mass file encryption, and enables automated responses to shut down the attack immediately. Once the breach has been contained, Cohesity SmartFiles can dramatically reduce recovery times with unlimited and fully hydrated snaps that instantly mass restore files, VMs, and application objects.

Redefine the Way you Manage Data

Consolidating data on SmartFiles helps effectively eliminate costly and difficult-to-manage silos while providing the ability to manage massive volumes of data easily, economically, and securely. Together, SmartFiles and Varonis let you capitalize on your data by delivering a unified understanding of your entire file system along with a comprehensive solution for defeating malicious threats.

Read our joint solution brief and watch the new video to learn more about how the Varonis Data Security Platform can increase visibility and secure your Cohesity SmartFiles data. 


Download the Cohesity connector app for Varonis today from the Cohesity Marketplace and get started with this new integrated solution. 

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