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The economic benefits of managing unstructured data with Cohesity SmartFiles

Every day, customers come to us with what they believe are data storage challenges and related cost overages when in fact, what they’re facing is a data management challenge, which has much broader ramifications beyond just managing the storage alone.

Unstructured data is growing at a record pace. Many organizations are storing that data — backup datasets, archives, files and objects, machine logs, audio/visual files and more — in storage silos that were designed long before the cloud era.  As more data is relentlessly collected, it’s overwhelming for these silos, which comprise different technologies and protocols in the datacenter, at the edge, and in public clouds. Storing, managing, protecting, and deriving value from this data is an unstructured data management challenge — not just a storage challenge — and it’s become a difficult task that’s extremely complex, time consuming, error prone, and costly.  It’s a huge burden for administrators and it limits the value that data can deliver back to the organization, which restrains business agility. It’s no small surprise that as organizations look to modernize, operational efficiency remains the most important objective for their digital transformation initiatives.

Addressing the Problems Caused by the Record Growth of Unstructured Data

We address this problem with Cohesity SmartFiles, which is a modern, enterprise-class, software-defined, data-centric, multiprotocol file and object solution for managing unstructured data in the enterprise.

With SmartFiles, you can consolidate:

  • Files and objects from traditional archive, compliance and backup applications
  • File data from applications and NAS environments;
  • Data from commercial and custom S3 applications
  • Data from modern IoT and analytics environments

When you consolidate data on SmartFiles, you gain the ability to efficiently and safely manage the data with policy-driven actions for security and data protection as well as data movement across the datacenter and public clouds. Deduplication, compression and a built-in search engine also drive cost efficiencies.

We engaged analyst firm ESG Research to build a five-year modeled scenario to predict the total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction and return on investment (ROI) that companies who implement Cohesity SmartFiles for unstructured data management can achieve versus continuing to operate siloed storage deployments.

Based on customer interviews, ESG validated the many benefits that Cohesity SmartFiles has delivered, including simplification of unstructured data management, lowered costs, improved operational efficiency, increased business agility, and reduced risks.  They concluded that organizations can reduce their expected storage TCOs by up to 51% with SmartFiles. They also calculated an expected ROI between 354-593%.

But that’s not all.  Read the The Economic Benefits of Managing Unstructured Data with Cohesity to understand the scope of cost savings possible with SmartFiles, including:

  • 10% Lower upfront cost of storage, software, and appliances
  • 76% Reduction in cloud spend
  • 75% Lower Cost of power/cooling/floorspace
  • 45% Lower cost of support and maintenance
  • 61% Reduction in cost of administration

With Distributed Data Silos, the Data Center is No Longer the Center of Data

With unstructured data residing across multiple locations across an organization, the concept of the data center fades because it’s no longer the center of data.  You need a modern solution in your data center to efficiently harness, secure and manage your data so it can continuously deliver value. Consolidating data on SmartFiles is smart, because it solves your storage problems and eliminates silos, while delivering a cost-effective next-gen unstructured data management solution.

Download the ESG report today!

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