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Can SaaS Solve Data Management Challenges in 2021?

Given the exponential rate at which data is growing and the siloed nature of legacy infrastructures, many IT organizations are finding data management to be increasingly challenging, time consuming, and costly. Just how time-consuming and costly?…

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Learn about hybrid cloud, public/private cloud, and how to extract the most value from a hybrid cloud environment.

Modern Data Management—At Your Service

A turnkey Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) solution that provides the same comprehensive set of benefits in an easy to implement pay-as-you-go solution, managed and operated by Cohesity.

Why We Redefined Data Management

IT infrastructure has evolved through virtualization, hyperconvergence on commodity hardware, and adopted public cloud and SaaS. However, data management remains too hard. The daily task of protecting, storing, identifying and provisioning an organization’s data – arguably…