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The four success factors of an enterprise—and how Cohesity Gaia helps

Learn how Cohesity Gaia can help you manage risk, improve security, and increase compliance and IT efficiency.

The effective use of data and IT is the driving force behind an organization’s competitive advantage. The volume of data continues to grow at an exponential rate inside your organization. This explosion exposes four crucial success factors that separate the “haves” and “have-nots.” They are the ability of executive leadership to:

  • Minimize risk (the “Risk” success factor)
  • Improve security (“Security”)
  • Increase compliance, i.e. reduce legal exposure (“Legal”)
  • Increase IT efficiency, i.e. do more with less (”IT”)

Managing these factors day-to-day comes down to having confident answers to these types of questions:

  • How can you effectively manage risk to safeguard against cyber events?
    • Will you be required to pay during an incident?
    • How can you correlate your cyber insurance coverage policy with the actual state of your data systems, backups, and archive reports?
  • How can you prepare and position yourself for improved legal outcomes?
    • How secure are the critical assets in the event of data breaches?
    • Can you quickly identify legal risks and exposure based on the data impacted by a breach?
  • What steps can our security, IT, and support teams take to enhance collaboration and ensure optimal outcomes?
    • How can we improve communication and coordination between these departments?
    • How can we establish a coherent framework for key information from vast volumes of data and reports to execute tasks with semantic clarity?

Common obstacles to the four success factors

We’ve observed a few patterns in C-suite conversations as they relate to these success factors and the organization’s data estate:

  • The four success factors (Risk, Legal, Security, IT) are correlated with each other and are more difficult to achieve without a modern data security and management strategy.
  • Each business function tends to reside in its own silo, with data correspondingly fragmented in IT systems.
  • Every business insight to address these success factors requires deep analysis, including the cost of people, the cost of using incumbent technology, and reducing the “time to value” of useful improvements.

Use the Cohesity Data Cloud to secure and manage your data estate

For the past 10 years, Cohesity has helped over 4,000 customers address these success factors with the Cohesity Data Cloud, a modern data platform.

Adopting the Cohesity Data Cloud clarifies the aforementioned common obstacles and converges experience to enterprise data. In particular, the Cohesity Data Cloud features:

  • A multicloud architecture that delivers a unified user experience to search and retrieve data across infrastructure targets.
  • Instant mass restore capabilities that dramatically improve the speed of cyber recovery, while allowing the organization to share large quantities of data without excessive storage costs.
  • A unified security model that enables better collaboration and shared context of key cyber resilience KPIs.
  • Cloud-scale capabilities that drive operational costs lower for all four success factors.

We recently announced what might well be our biggest innovation yet—Cohesity Gaia, a generative AI service that runs atop the high-quality enterprise data backups in the Cohesity Data Cloud.

This new capability promises to help enterprises address the four success factors in significant ways.

Unlock limitless value with Gen AI and Cohesity Gaia

Cohesity Gaia, our generative AI product, is at the forefront of addressing these four success factors head-on. How exactly?

Adding the power of generative AI and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to the Cohesity Data Cloud changes the fundamental nature of the problem space in three specific ways:

  • Abstracting complexity—Use natural language to extract deep insights from diverse data sets.
  • Creating natural correlations between disparate objects—Break existing barriers of data silos, offering contextual clarity across the data estate.
  • Greater semantic meaning—have a conversation with your data, in a ChatGPT-like experience.

With the combination of RAG and our industry-leading unified data consolidation architecture, we aim to deliver unparalleled time to value for tasks and objectives that would have otherwise taken a long time to complete.

Cohesity Gaia in a real-world scenario

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of Cohesity Gaia in action. In this scenario, Theresa Miller, our director of technical advocacy, shows how you can quickly research regulatory compliance issues using Cohesity Gaia’s AI-powered conversational search solution.

Take the next step—try Cohesity Gaia for yourself

Cohesity Gaia will give you a better strategy by reducing risk and a better understanding of your security posture. And it brings security and IT closer together so leaders can work with IT directly to drive remediation strategies.

This empowers organizations to significantly reduce risk, optimize efficiency, unify security and IT efforts, and gain invaluable forward insights into their data landscape. Our solution enables rapid response during unforeseen cyber scenarios, ensuring businesses remain resilient and proactive in the face of evolving threats.

But as they say, seeing is believing. Start a free trial of Cohesity Gaia. And see how it can help you improve the four success factors. Be sure to check out our Cohesity Gaia page, and get our new white paper, “Cohesity Gaia: An executive’s guide to accelerating enterprise AI with retrieval augmented generation and secondary data.”

Written by


Bharath Nagaraj

Sr Principal Field Technical Director


Bharath Nagaraj

Sr Principal Field Technical Director

Bharath Nagaraj Sr Principal Field Technical Director responsible for Security and Data Protection for evolving fortune-100 customers ranging from top Financials, HealthCare, Bio-Tech from existing legacy to a hybrid architecture. I have spent the majority of my career architecting systems ground up, working through legacy tech impediments and enabling modern architectures that helped companies posture strongly towards a cloud friendly - hybrid strategy. Currently, in my role I have had the opportunity to help customers improve security posturing, bring fundamentals of modern Cyber Resilience and Data Security to face day to day threats around Ransomware and helping protect company's data.

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