Cohesity Helps Sensirion Advance from Backup to a Secondary Storage Environment

Swiss Manufacturer Delivers Complete Backup Solution with Cohesity and Pure Storage

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At a Glance

Sensirion saves time and cost with enterprise backup and recovery from Cohesity.


With backup storage needing to expand, growing licensing costs, and emerging technology, Sensirion needed a modern secondary data solution.


Cohesity could offer more than just a simple backup solution, and provided a management environment with archiving, analytics, file and object storage, and test/dev capabilities.


Cohesity provided a scalable enterprise solution that gave Sensirion faster backups and superior restore functionality. Native integration with Pure was a huge bonus for Sensirion as it looks to cloud integration and disaster recovery from the cloud in the future.


Headquartered in Stäfa, Switzerland, Sensirion is one of the leading manufacturers of digital microsensors and sensor systems. Their product range includes gas and liquid sensors as well as differential pressure and environmental sensors for measuring temperature and humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO2, and particulate matter (PM2.5).

Sensirion supports their customers with both standard and tailor-made sensor system solutions for a wide range of applications. Sensirion sensors are widely used in health care, industrial, and automotive applications as well as in analytical instruments, in the consumer goods industry, and in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.

Established in 1998, the company employs a workforce of just under 750 with operations in the U.S., South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Germany.


With backup storage in need of expansion and operating costs on the rise, Sensirion executives were on the lookout for a new storage solution.

Previously, Sensirion had worked under a traditional data center design. The applications serving their workforce of just below 750 ran in two data centers, and around 350 VMs were deployed using Pure Storage as tier one storage, with a full flash solution for applications with high performance requirements.

With backup storage needing expansion, rising technological demands, and a growing licensing costs, the executives at Sensirion began to evaluate new solutions. Andreas Kuehne, Global IT Infrastructure Services Lead at Sensirion AG, puts it this way: “We took the optimizations and renewals we had in mind as a good opportunity for us to question our concept and find a replacement for our existing solution. We looked for a way to underpin the Snapshot for Pure Storage functionality. Furthermore, a new solution was to enable archiving in the cloud.”

Sensirion needed to address the following challenges in a new storage architecture:

  • Backup storage – Support nearing its end set the scene for a new storage solution.
  • Pure Storage – Flash memory was at its limit and needed expansion.
  • Cloud backup – Very costly due to missing or at best limited data deduplication and compression

Sensirion executives entered into a multiple stage selection process based on a number of key criteria. The key requirement was to allow both Pure Snapshots and SMB Targets. Furthermore, archiving into the cloud was to be an option, allowing the company to shrink its tape infrastructure to a minimum or reduce its role to that of a static archive.


The project officials decided to prepare a proof-of-concept (PoC) with expertise from information management and backup specialist Infoniqa. Sven Meyer, Senior System Engineer with Sensirion, explains the idea: “To begin with, we planned to keep the existing backup environment and use Cohesity only as a backup target for the time being. In addition, Pure Snapshots were to be replicated to Cohesity. We did not manage to do that altogether, however, and needed to find a different approach for the PoC.”

But although Cohesity did require customization, it still won Sensirion’s IT professionals over with its rapid and easy installation. One of the reasons tipping the balance was Cohesity had more to offer than just a simple backup solution. Their portfolio encompassed other application options as well—going as far as a management environment for secondary storage, with archiving, analytics, file and object storage, and testing facilities all included. In addition, Cohesity provided a native cloud solution.

For us, Cohesity’s ease of deployment, its operational simplicity, and its professional support were the deciding factors. We can see additional potential to develop this backup solution into a secondary storage management environment—across sites and with cloud integration.”

– Andreas Kühne, Lead Global IT Infrastructure Services, Sensirion AG


Sven Meyer cites strong points for choosing Cohesity: “Cohesity is more than a simple backup solution; it also holds its own in other use cases. Auditing is clearly better. We do not have to set up our own reports and the solution is very transparent for the customer. It’s easy to understand and future-proof. Handling it is cool and the Sensirion engineers are quite happy using it. It meets our requirements.”

Cohesity DataProtect completed backups significantly faster than the existing solution had ever done. In addition, it showed a convincingly good performance in restore operations.

Other key benefits with Cohesity include:

  • Rapid and simple deployment
  • Reliable operations
  • Pleasant experience working with Cohesity’s engineers
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Convenient, easy-to-manage file system
  • First class support
  • Additional potential, future-proof

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