WestLotto Reduces Backup and Recovery Times by up to 98%


WestLotto dramatically shrinks the recovery time for a mission-critical gaming transaction server.

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At a Glance

German lottery provider consolidates secondary data and dramatically reduces administrative overhead.


The largest German lottery provider needed to alleviate the complexity of its legacy backup and recovery solution and reduce rising costs.


WestLotto deployed four Cohesity C2500 hyperconverged node appliances in each of its data centers. Cohesity supports deduplication across workloads that run on Linux / Window VMs (vSphere) and physical servers that are consolidated on Cohesity DataPlatform. Cohesity test/dev capabilities accelerate new app development.


WestLotto reduced the recovery time for a mission-critical gaming transaction server (1.5 TB Linux VM) by up to 98 percent—from 24+ hours to a little more than 15 minutes. IT can now concentrate on applications and availability for customers, not backup and restore.


WestLotto is Germany’s largest lottery provider and the control center for the transnational lottery, Eurojackpot, including 18 European countries. The company has been in operation for more than 60 years.

The 350 employees at the WestLotto headquarters in Münster look after more than 3,300 sales outlets and the internet gaming platform “westlotto.de.” These sales channels offer lottery products such as LOTTO 6aus49, instant lotteries and the Eurojackpot.

In 2017, WestLotto processed nearly 187 million game transactions.


WestLotto deals with vast sets of sensitive data on a daily basis, therefore the privacy requirements of the company are considerable. The IT team, led by Dr. Frank Wallow, Department Head, IT Production, was keen to identify a solution that could renew the existing VM backup solution while increasing performance and reducing backup and recovery costs.

When looking for a new IT solution, Dr. Wallow’s team also wanted to

  • Help the company to develop new products faster
  • Be capable of cloning complex and interconnected IT systems, when required by the test department
  • Reduce backup and restore times while ensuring better service and availability


After extensive market research, WestLotto narrowed its vendor list to just a few potential partners. Within this shortlist, the usability and management of Cohesity was rated as outstanding. Based on an extensive proof-of-concept project initiated and led by Computacenter, working very closely with Cohesity, WestLotto selected Cohesity and its partner Computacenter over a well-established market leader in backup and recovery for virtual environments.

A key criterion for WestLotto’s IT team was to provide its customers and users with the highest level of security, privacy and discretion throughout the game process. Cohesity’s offering ticked every one of the boxes. Furthermore, Dr. Wallow and his team needed to take future growth into account and, in this case, can rely on the scalability of Cohesity’s solution, without unnecessarily increasing costs.

WestLotto also highly valued Cohesity’s test and development capabilities, which help accelerate the development of new products and games. In addition, the IT production department makes use of the Cohesity cloning feature, which allows it to quickly provision complex and interconnected IT systems on demand.

WestLotto deployed four Cohesity C2500 hyperconverged node appliances in each of its data centers, with Cohesity DataProtect backup and recovery software and Cohesity DataPlatform.

The pay-as-you-grow model is perfect for our needs, and offers real competitive value from a management point of view. With Cohesity, our IT team is able to concentrate on applications and availability for our customers, not on backup and restore. Cohesity’s technology and its ease of use convinced us to change providers. We are very happy with our new system and we are looking to expand the number of VMs backed up by Cohesity.

—Dr. Frank Wallow, Department Head, IT Production, WestLotto


In the past, the IT team needed a day to recover a mission-critical gaming transaction server. Thanks to Cohesity, this task now takes a little over 15 minutes.

The volume of data being processed and written onto the tape libraries by WestLotto’s legacy system reached several terabytes every day. Thanks to Cohesity deduplication, the data volume has been reduced to less than 100 gigabytes/per day, resulting in considerable savings. In addition, the hyperconverged Cohesity solution is scalable for the future.

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