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3 Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Aging Data Domain

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While Dell EMC Data Domain may have served its purpose as a backup appliance for the past couple of decades, the astronomical scale of today’s data landscape has quickly rendered solutions of yesteryear like Data Domain useless. Customers everywhere are now suffering from the costly realities and rigid limitations of its legacy architecture.

Data Domain is based on a legacy scale-up architecture with standalone appliances. To keep pace with your business’s data demands, you need to purchase larger and more appliances. Upgrades can be extremely complicated and time-consuming and often require disruptive forklift upgrades, which introduces considerable risk and downtime. To try to put off these inevitable upgrade headaches, customers often over-provision storage up-front—which adds a great deal of inefficiency and expense that you shouldn’t have to deal with.

While Data Domain does offer a Virtual Edition for smaller remote offices, this comes with its own limitations and simply does not deliver the enterprise scale your business needs to get ahead.

For the reasons already described, Data Domain comes with a remarkably high Total Cost of Ownership. Data protection costs are soaring, and old school appliances are just too expensive and hard to manage. To make matters worse, Dell EMC locks customers into expensive hardware and maintenance contracts. Hardware costs aside, software licenses and support costs further skyrocket when it’s time for you to upgrade. With multiple Data Domain systems, these problems become even more painful—both operationally and financially. When you factor in the administrative overhead for all the additional supporting gear and solutions that you’ll need to manage alongside Data Domain, the unreasonably high costs speak for themselves if you continue to deploy and manage it with the imposed legacy solution limitations. Simply put—Data Domain has become very expensive storage with commodity features that add complexity to your already burdensome backup operations.

Data Domain is a purpose-built backup appliance (PBBA)—designed to be a backup target and nothing more. While originally intended to simplify on-prem backup operations, it has become incredibly complex requiring additional infrastructure like media servers, master servers, cloud gateways, and storage devices—which all need to be managed and secured separately. Since you’ll always need multiple Data Domains to scale, this further exacerbates operational management complexity.

Because of its antiquated hardware-based architecture, Data Domain’s deduplication is limited to each controller. Since its architecture requires all disks to be identical, this also poses challenges when you need to expand in the future with higher capacity or performing disk types.

Restoring data with Data Domain is notoriously slow. With the massive prevalence of cyber-attacks and ransomware threats today, you need a solution that not only protects your data, but allows you to restore that data rapidly so that your business productivity can continue without a hitch. In today’s cloud era, we all realize that the scalability and cost-efficiency of cloud-based technologies go a long way to address today’s explosive data growth. But, Data Domain offers limited ability to leverage the cloud for long-term retention and tiering, and requires expensive add-ons to accomplish what more modern solutions offer natively today.

Data Domain Challenges

  • Limited scale
  • Complex
  • Expensive
  • Inefficient
  • Slow
  • Risky

Scale, Manage, Defend, and Do More with Your Data with Cohesity SmartFiles

Deduplication appliances were a solution to yesterday’s problems. To stay ahead, enterprises need a much better solution that eliminates the high-costs, over-provisioning, complexity, and vendor lock-in that go hand-in-hand with Data Domain.

Cohesity SmartFiles can help you break free from Data Domain without disrupting your business while optimizing cost, scale, and efficiency for your unstructured data.

Cohesity SmartFiles is a software-defined, unified file and object services solution for the hybrid cloud, and integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise backup software to replace Data Domain with a more modern, secure, cost-effective, and ultra-scalable solution.

Many happy Cohesity customers are using SmartFiles today to…

  • Integrate seamlessly with existing backup solutions with support for S3, SMB, and NFS
  • Eliminate disruptive upgrades with software-defined simplicity to run on hardware of choice
  • Gain up to 96x Storage Efficiency with superior global dedupe and compression
  • Easily expand on-demand with unlimited capacity and scale
  • Protect data with unlimited immutable snapshots, encryption, RBAC, MFA, and enterprise security features
  • Detect ransomware and malicious attacks with ML-based anomaly detection and integrated anti-virus
  • Recover rapidly from ransomware and other disasters
  • Optimize costs with hybrid cloud flexibility by intelligently replicating, tiering, and archiving to the cloud
  • Reduce TCO by up to 51% or more by consolidating silos of unstructured data
  • Streamline and satisfy compliance with cost-effective long-term retention, audit trails, and powerful analytics
  • Simplify management with a unified management UI to protect, recover, manage, and search all global data
  • Do more with data with a Marketplace app ecosystem of integrated 3rd party applications

Those are just some reasons why Cohesity SmartFiles is the smartest way to optimize cost, scale, and efficiency for your unstructured data. That’s why thousands of happy Cohesity customers have already made the switch to Cohesity’s Next-Gen Data Security and Management Platform. Industry analysts agree, and recognize Cohesity as a…

  • Leader in Gartner MQ for Enterprise Backup & Recovery Software Solutions
  • Visionary in Gartner MQ for Distributed File and Object Solutions
  • Leader in GigaOm Radar for Enterprise Scale-Out File Systems
  • Leader in GigaOm Sonar for File-Based Primary Storage Ransomware Protection
  • Major Player in IDC MarketScape WorldWide Distributed Scale-Out File System

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