December 14 2021

Cohesity Launches Security Advisor – Making It as Easy as Scan, Score, Remediate to Improve Security Posture and Reduce Cyber Risks in an Era of Sophisticated Ransomware Attacks

Security Advisor Serves as an Extra Pair of Eyes, Identifying Areas of Concern in the Customer-Managed Cohesity Environment and Providing Insight and Actionable Recommendations

San Jose, Calif. – December 14, 2021 – Cohesity today introduced Security Advisor, an addition to the company’s Threat Defense architecture that gives customers an easy way to improve their security posture in an era of rapidly sophisticated and damaging cyberattacks. The new feature helps reduce human errors and achieve a higher level of cyber resilience in customer environments that are managed through the Cohesity Helios data platform.

Security Advisor scans the customer’s Cohesity environment, including an array of security configurations, and considers a host of factors such as access control, audit logs, and encryption framework that are critical to protecting the security posture of the data cluster. Customers then receive a score that tells them how they are performing against Cohesity’s best practice recommendations. Additionally, customers are provided with recommendations on how to address potential risks and help keep their platform and the data secure from bad actors — both internal and external — which can limit their exposure to cyber extortion. 

Security Advisor complements what Cohesity offers today through the CyberScan application on the Cohesity Marketplace. With CyberScan, customers can uncover cyber exposures and blind spots within their production environment by running on-demand and automated scans on backup snapshots against known vulnerabilities. 

Timing of this announcement comes as cyberthreats, security breaches, and ransomware attacks continue to plague organizations around the globe. Studies show that ransomware attacks soared 93% in the first half of 2021. With the increased incidence of cyberattacks, the threat of ransomware, and the potential for human error in administering cluster security, customers need a fast, simple, and comprehensive way to assess their security posture and address any concerns quickly.

“Enterprises use an array of tools to generate and manage data, and each tool has its own security settings – making it difficult to review every setting and control access across all their disparate technology,” said Brian Spanswick, chief information security officer, Cohesity. “This lack of visibility and control leaves IT environments vulnerable to cyberattacks.”

Security Advisor: Provides Global Visibility and Deeper Insights

If a Security Advisor scan shows a score that indicates an issue, the following actions can quickly be taken by IT:  

“Our recent research shows that ransomware is the top IT spending priority for 2022, and that ransomware preparedness is now a core business conversation at the executive level and in the boardroom. As cybercriminals become more aggressive and creative, against a backdrop of the cybersecurity skills shortage, organizations are struggling to maintain an optimal security posture,” said Christophe Bertrand, practice director, Data Protection for Enterprise Strategy Group. “By offering Security Advisor, Cohesity is helping its customers better understand how to augment their data protection capabilities, thus limiting their risk and reducing their exposure to potential threats.”

Price and Availability
Security Advisor is part of the Helios platform, available immediately to all customers globally at no additional cost. It can be accessed under Helios Security Dashboard, under Security Advisor.

About Cohesity

Cohesity radically simplifies data management. We make it easy to protect, manage, and derive value from data — across the data center, edge and cloud. We offer a full suite of services consolidated on one multicloud data platform: backup and recovery, disaster recovery, file and object services, dev/test, and data compliance, security, and analytics — reducing complexity and eliminating mass data fragmentation. Cohesity can be delivered as a service, self-managed, or provided by a Cohesity-powered partner. 

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