Cohesity DataPlatform is a software-defined solution designed to scale-out on industry-standard hyperconverged nodes. Each node is optimized for secondary storage consolidation. It provides compute, flash and HDD capacity to consolidate your secondary data and execute data management workflows. Scale your capacity as needed, starting with as little as 3 nodes and scaling out linearly by simply adding individual nodes.

Cohesity supports DataPlatform on a broad range of nodes to maximize deployment flexibility. Cohesity C-series nodes are deployed as turnkey appliances for speed and simplicity. 3rd party hardware nodes provide the option of running Cohesity DataPlatform on trusted hardware from our partners - and have been configured and optimized for Cohesity.

DataPlatform enables you to seamlessly combine multiple node generations and configurations in a single cluster. For example, you can combine C2000 and C3000 series nodes, and DataPlatform’s intelligent data placement will automatically place the data on the most appropriate nodes based on QoS and IO profiles.

Cohesity C2000

Ideal building block for data protection and secondary storage consolidation. Grow from as little as 3 nodes to near limit less scale-out possibilities.

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Cohesity C3000

Consolidate your ever growing unstructured data with industry’s most dense hyperconverged secondary appliance, ideal for larger files and object consolidation.

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Power your software-defined secondary storage with HPE DL360 hyperconverged nodes, optimally configured for data protection.

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Cisco UCS

Eliminate legacy data protection silos and converge all your backup infrastructure on Cohesity and Cisco UCS servers.

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