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The Power of Partnership

When you choose best-of-breed technologies from different companies, you want them to work together without extra configuring. So do we. Together, Cohesity and Cisco simplify managing and protecting secondary data by enabling your enterprise to quickly deploy Cohesity’s software-defined, scale-out solution on Cisco UCS.

Cisco and Cohesity: Stronger Together

In this video, Mohit Aron, Founder and CEO of Cohesity, talks about the Cisco and Cohesity partnership and what it means to customers. Mohit outlines the importance of data as the foundation for digital transformation and how Cisco and Cohesity hyperconverge the entire data stack for both primary and secondary data, unlocking amazing new opportunities for customers.

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Two-in-One Solution Delivers Efficiencies

Take advantage of Cohesity’s software on your trusted Cisco UCS and enjoy the best of flexibility combined with ease of deployment. Cohesity and Cisco have qualified the joint solution so you don’t have to experiment. Standardize on Cisco’s industry-leading platform with Cohesity to consolidate your secondary data including target storage, backup, replication, disaster recovery, files, objects, test/dev copies and analytics from your core to the cloud and edge.

Tested, Validated, and Ready

Cohesity and Cisco have certified the optimal UCS configurations to run Cohesity DataPlatform software for faster deployment. Start with as few as three nodes and scale-out over time.

Pay-as-You Grow

The joint solution eliminates forklift upgrades with a pay-as-you-grow model. Cohesity’s software-defined solution offers native cloud integration with all leading public clouds for archival, tiering, replication, disaster recovery and test/dev workloads.

Reference Architecture

Cisco and Cohesity have developed a complete Reference Architecture for you to deploy Cohesity on Cisco UCS with confidence.

Consolidated Platform and Protection

Standardize on Cisco’s industry-leading platform, from primary to secondary. Protect your Cisco HyperFlex with Cohesity’s software on Cisco UCS.

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We’re a multi-national company and require simplicity but our legacy backup and NAS infrastructures held us back. With Cisco HyperFlex and Cohesity software on Cisco UCS for primary and secondary data respectively, we achieved breakthrough operational simplicity, easy scale-out expansion, and superior TCO.

Barton Davis, Data Center Manager, Tokyo Electron U.S. Holdings, Inc.

Cohesity’s approach to combining its software with Cisco’s UCS servers demonstrates the power of software-defined storage platforms. Cohesity and Cisco working together to present a reference architecture for Cohesity software on Cisco is a major step forward.

Edgardo Villalobos, Technical Architect Lab Manager, AHEAD

As data centers increase their investment in both hyperconvergence and software-defined infrastructures, the combination of Cohesity’s powerful DataPlatform software with Cisco’s UCS systems fits this strategy nicely. The joint Cohesity-Cisco UCS solution extends infrastructure consolidation beyond primary workloads into secondary workloads, which comprise the bulk of data center footprint today. We’re pleased to be partnered with both companies to offer this compelling solution to our customers.

John Bristol, Vice President of Architecture, TRACE3

Data silos in secondary storage are a growing problem for enterprises. Combining Cohesity’s distributed secondary storage software with Cisco UCS systems radically simplifies operations and reduces costs for large enterprises. The combination of Cohesity’s intelligent, web-scale software running on Cisco’s leading server and storage infrastructure enables consolidation of a wide range of storage use cases, and brings hyperconvergence to another level of value in the data center.

Mike Leeper, CTO, Denali Advanced Integration

Hyperconverged for Unified Protection

Enjoy simple, unified data protection with Cohesity on Cisco UCS nodes. Gain the operational efficiency of hyperconverged secondary data on a multi-cloud data fabric.

Scale-out NAS

Address your growing files and object data requirements with Cohesity multiprotocol access (NFS, SMB, and S3) on Cisco UCS.

Easy and Efficient to Use

With Cohesity and Cisco, it’s easier to achieve operational efficiency thanks to one easy to manage user interface. Use Google-like search to perform the cluster-wide search, policy-based automation to meet business SLAs with sub-5-minute recovery points and near-instant recovery times.

Lower Cost

Cohesity on Cisco solutions provides a unified, software-defined platform that can cut your data protection costs by up to 70%.

Model UCS C240-M5 (48TB Node*) UCS C240-M5 (120TB Node*) UCS S3260 (420TB Node*)
CPU 2 x Intel Skylake, (2.6 GHz, 16 Core) 2 x Intel Skylake, (2.6 GHz, 16 Core) 2 x Intel Skylake, (2.1 GHz, 22 Core)
Memory 128GB DDR4 128GB DDR4 256GB DDR4
SSD 2 x 1.6TB PCI NVMe 2 x 3.2TB PCI NVMe 4 x 3.2 TB PCI NVMe
HDD 12 x 4TB SAS (48TB Total) 12 x 10TB SAS (120TB Total) 42 x 10TB SAS (420TB Total)
Network 1 x Quad 1GbE Onboard Ports 1 x Quad 1GbE Onboard Ports 1 x Quad 1GbE Onboard Ports
1 x Dual-Port 10GbE SFP+ 1 x Dual-Port 10GbE SFP+ 1 x Dual-Port 10/40GbE SFP+

* A minimum of 3 nodes are required to form a Cohesity cluster. Beyond 3 nodes, Cohesity cluster can be scaled up on a per node basis. Please contact Cohesity sales to spec out specific BOM prior to ordering.
*Cohesity supports 4TB or 10TB drive bays in Cisco UCS C240 M5 servers.

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