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Modernize backup and recovery with an integrated and validated data management solution for all non-latency sensitive data. Eliminate silos so you can easily back up, manage, and extract insights from all your data.

Jointly Validated

Cohesity and HPE have certified fit-for-purpose HPE ProLiant and HPE Apollo servers to run Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect.

One Purchase Order

IT teams get the solutions directly from HPE and its channel partners. Put all your software licenses, servers, services, and support on one purchase order with HPE.

More Than Backup

The only web-scale, software-defined solution on HPE servers that consolidates backups, archives, file shares, object stores, and data used for dev/test, and analytics.

Best of Both Worlds

Cohesity's native snapshot integration with HPE Nimble Storage enables more efficient backup and recovery, and improved application performance.

Consolidate Non-Latency Sensitive Workloads

Strengthen security and cut costs with a single solution of Cohesity software on the world's most secure servers—HPE Apollo and ProLiant.

Seamless Integration with HPE Latency Sensitive Workloads

Cohesity's native snapshot integration with HPE Nimble Storage enables more efficient backup and recovery, and improved application performance.

Unified Management

Reduce time, cost, and bandwidth with global, in-line, variable-length, sliding-window deduplication, and compression.

One Joint Solution, Endless Possibilities

Redefine data management while accelerating enterprise data center modernization and multi-cloud adoption initiatives.

One Simple, Secure, and Flexible Data Platform

Eliminate data silos, scale non-disruptively and cut costs with an integrated solution that supports diverse workloads.

Built for Seamless Hybrid/Multi-Cloud

Easily extend to multi-clouds for long-term retention, storage tiering, disaster recovery, and dev/test without bolt-on gateway.

Empowering Enterprises to Do More With Their Data

Leverage your data to speed agile dev/test and run apps on the platform. Assess your data vulnerability, thwart ransomware, and discover new insights.

Redefining Data Management with Cohesity and HPE

Christophe Bertrand, Sr. Analyst at ESG, talks about evolving from insurance to insights with the HPE and Cohesity solution.

ESG Solution Showcase

Learn how the Cohesity-HPE joint solution can help you leverage your backup and unstructured data for additional powerful uses beyond just data protection.

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Cohesity solution is the secret sauce that makes our backup infrastructure better. Not only do we have a modern backup and recovery solution that works, Cohesity is also able to extend to native integration for cloud, file and objects, security, and Dev/Test.

Jonathan Mancini, Supervisor, Datacenter Operations

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Leveraging data assets is not optional anymore. Organizations need a cutting-edge platform to eliminate mass data fragmentation, simplify backup and recovery, and do more with their backups and unstructured data. The Cohesity and HPE solution delivers just that - a unique combination of capabilities for intelligent data reuse. Any organization interested in being more AI-driven, more compliant/secure, and more hybrid/multi-cloud capable should consider this joint solution.

Christophe Bertrand, Sr. Analyst

Cohesity’s approach to data management is aligned with the HPE intelligent data platform for hybrid and multi-cloud IT, empowering customers to not only protect data, but also gain insights from it. We've seen tremendous interest and adoption from large enterprises on the joint HPE and Cohesity solution, and this has helped us grow the partnership nearly one thousand percent year-over-year.

Patrick Osborne, VP & GM Big Data, Analytics and Scale-Out Data Platforms

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Certified Solutions

Choose from rack-optimized HPE ProLiant or rack-scale HPE Apollo servers for productive and protected data with Cohesity.

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