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Eliminate mass data fragmentation by consolidating across backup, file share, object stores and dev/test and analytic silos with Cohesity on certified HPE Gen10 servers.

Jointly validated

Cohesity and HPE have certified fit-for-purpose HPE ProLiant and HPE Apollo server configurations to run Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect, backed by HPE interoperability assurance.

Easy to purchase

IT teams get the solutions directly from HPE and its channel partners. Put all your software licenses, servers, services, and support on one purchase order with HPE.


Go beyond backup to unlock amazing new possibilities for your business.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Cohesity software on HPE Gen10 servers provides a unified, software-defined platform that can cut your data protection costs by up to 70%.

Flexible, Web-Scale Platform

Eliminate costly overprovisioning, forklift upgrades, and data migrations with non-disruptive pay-as-you-grow performance and capacity expansion.

Built-In Security

Keep sensitive data protected with data segmentation, in-flight and at-rest software-based encryption, immutable snapshots, unlimited zero-cost clones, and more.

Integrated data protection

No need for separate backup software, target storage, dedupe appliances, media plus master servers, tape and cloud gateways with a single, integrated solution.

Certified for Edge to Core to Cloud

Easily bridge on-premises infrastructure to your choice of leading cloud providers.

Unified management

See and control your global environment using a single UI and simple policy-based automation.

Seamless hybrid cloud

Easily extend to multi-clouds for long-term retention, storage tiering, disaster recovery, and dev/test without bolt-on gateway.

Minimal data footprint

Reduce time, cost, and bandwidth with global, in-line, variable-length, sliding-window deduplication and compression.

More from Your Data

Cohesity and HPE ensure that data and apps are both protected and productive across public, private, and hybrid clouds.

File and Object stores

Unify file and object data on scale-out NAS with multi-protocol (NFS, SMB, and S3) access.

Faster app development

Instantly provision clones for dev/test environments on-prem or in the cloud. Spin-up new apps with automatic VM conversion between clouds.

New insights

Use automated global indexing, wildcard search and Cohesity MarketPlace to gain insights into your data.

HPE and Cohesity have taken a significant step forward, bringing two leaders in the hybrid cloud market closer together. The strengthened partnership between HPE and Cohesity, with their new jointly certified solution available directly from HPE and its channel partners, expands Cohesity’s reach into large enterprises. With a new solution integrating web-scale Cohesity software on HPE servers, customers can easily consolidate all of their secondary data and apps across their Hybrid IT.

Edwin Yuen, Sr. Analyst

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Certified Solutions

Choose from rack-optimized HPE ProLiant to rack-scale HPE Apollo servers for productive and protected data with Cohesity.

Model Apollo r2200
(24 TB Node)
Apollo r2200
(36 TB Node)
HPE ProLiant DL380
(48 TB Node)
HPE ProLiant DL380
(96 TB Node)
HPE Apollo 4510
(200/400/700 TB Node)
CPU 2 x Intel Xeon-Silver
(2.0 GHz, 8-core)
2 x Intel Xeon-Silver
(2.0 GHz, 8-core)
2 x Intel Xeon-Gold
(2.8 GHz, 16 Core)
2 x Intel Xeon-Gold
(2.8 GHz, 16 Core)
2 x Intel Xeon-Gold
(2.3 GHz, 18 Core)
Memory 64 GB DDR4 64 GB DDR4 128 GB DDR4 128 GB DDR4 256 GB DDR4
SSD 1 x 1.6 TB NVMe 1 x 1.6 TB NVMe 2 x 1.6 TB NVMe 2 x 3.2 TB NVMe 8 x 1.6 TB SAS
(24 TB Total)
3 x 12 TB SATA
(36 TB Total)
12 x 4 TB SAS
(48 TB Total)
12 x 8 TB SAS
(96 TB Total)
25 x 8 TB / 50 x 8 TB / 50×14 TB SAS
(200/400/700 TB Total)
Network 2 Ports
1GbE RJ45
2 Ports
1GbE RJ45
2 Ports
1GbE RJ45
4 Ports
1GbE RJ45
4 Ports
1GbE RJ45
2/4 Ports
10GbE RJ45/SFP+
2/4 Ports
10GbE RJ45/SFP+
2/4 Ports
10GbE RJ-45/SFP+
2/4 Ports
10GbE RJ-45/SFP+
2/4 Ports
10GbE RJ-45/SFP+

*Scale capacity non-disruptively as needed, starting with as few as three nodes and scaling-out linearly by simply adding individual node(s) to the cluster.

Customer expectations for secondary data and applications are rapidly changing as organizations look to extract valuable insights from these large data sets. Our expanded resell agreement further strengthens the partnership between HPE and Cohesity, making it easier than ever to address the needs of mutual customers seeking to consolidate data silos and accelerate their journeys to the hybrid cloud with a proven solution from a single trusted partner.

Patrick Osborne, Vice President of Big Data and Secondary Storage

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