Disaster Recovery

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What Is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery — DR for short — is the process of restoring access to data and applications, and functionality to IT infrastructure after a disruptive event such as a cyberattack, natural or man-made disaster — even human error. The goal is to be operational amidst the disaster and return systems to normal as soon as possible. Disaster recovery is closely related to business continuity known together as BCDR. Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a key difference. Whereas disaster recovery restores technology systems as rapidly as possible, business continuity is focused on keeping the organization as a whole operational. As such, disaster recovery is an important part of business continuity strategies.

Why is Disaster Recovery Important?

Data and the digital technologies that create, store, process, and analyze it are essential for the running of a business. When a disaster strikes, revenue can get significantly impacted due to operational failures and the non-availability of mission-critical IT systems. Businesses must get access to data and restore functionality to systems and infrastructure as swiftly as possible. This is where DR comes in.

A robust disaster recovery strategy is critical to help organizations:

    • Minimize downtime systems and networks can go down for many reasons. Businesses use disaster recovery plans to preempt damage by anticipating and preparing for such events. Cloud as a secondary site for running mission-critical applications is one way of preparing for a disaster, for example
    • Minimize data loss — Leading DR solutions provide the flexibility to restore critical applications and data from any point in time or location. This helps bolster your business continuity stance
    • Mitigate overall damage— The costs of downtime inevitably percolate to other segments of your business — customer satisfaction can be affected, brand reputation can take a hit, and competitors can pounce. With a robust disaster recovery solution, you can avoid these beyond-IT costs, which also include the cost of lost employee productivity and morale.

Disaster Recovery and Cohesity

Disaster recovery can be complex and expensive. A business running hundreds of applications needs to tier these applications in terms of criticality, define separate policies, work with multiple vendors for each tier, and manage them all through disparate consoles. But Cohesity has introduced a solution that helps customers not only recover from a disaster almost instantly, it does so for every tier of application deployed. Complex, expensive, and fragmented solutions are a thing of the past with a unified and automated DR failover and failback orchestration solution.

Cohesity’s reliable disaster recovery and business continuity solution:

  • Simplifies DR operations — Cohesity replaces the time-consuming management of organizations’ siloed, legacy DR point products with a unified policy framework in a single solution that protects applications and data — across tiers, service levels, and environments — both on-premises and in clouds.
  • Protects against site failure — The disaster recovery solution from Cohesity gives businesses the ability to replicate from one site to another, on-prem and in the cloud, to guard against complete failures.
  • Automates replication — Organizations can use Cohesity’s policy-based automation for backups and replication in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Allows for data reuse — The Cohesity DR solution lets organizations easily replicate data to an alternate location for other purposes, such as dev/test or analytics.
  • Supports non-disruptive DR testing — Businesses reduce operational complexity and streamline compliance requirements with non-disruptive DR testing, audit trails, and reporting in the Cohesity solution.


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