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The Cohesity Powered Advantage

Enterprises are looking for trusted, innovative service providers to help them overcome mass data fragmentation and harness the value of their secondary data and apps. Meet customers’ needs with one, hyperconverged platform ensuring all secondary workloads are protected and productive across multi-clouds.

Quickly increase revenue

Gain access to a $60B market and new business models with one web-scale secondary data and apps platform for multiple use cases—from backup and recovery to test/dev to analytics.

Cut TCO by 50+%

Eliminate specialty silos. Deliver multi-cloud services with consistent infrastructure and operations. Securely host tenants at scale.

Deliver superior customer experiences

Deliver non-disruptive upgrades and instant mass restore. Support self-service and BYO encryption key. Offer unparalleled insight to untapped data. Enable seamless data mobility across clouds.

Introducing Value-Added Services

Move up the value chain with Cohesity. Build one, several, or an entire catalog of profitable, Cohesity Powered as-a-service secondary data differentiation across clouds at lower cost. Scale as you grow and customers consume.

Backup as a Service

Support customer backup and recovery with a variety of options, including on-site data protection, direct backup to cloud, and cloud-native backup.

Archive as a Service

Support long-term data retention and compliance requirements across clouds with easy data access through Google-like search.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Offer reliable off-site protection and ensure business continuity with instant mass recovery in case of a catastrophic event at a primary site.

Filer as a Service

Offer scale-out NAS for user home directories, departmental network shares, and group collaboration.

Object Storage as a Service

Offer S3-compatible object storage for unstructured data storage and retrieval.

Test/Dev as a Service

Enable test/dev in the cloud to speed application delivery. Support agile iterations, rapid clones, and quick tear down of test/dev environments.

Analytics as a Service

Help customers gain insights into untapped data and turn them into actionable intelligence. Streamline compliance and provide proactive and predictive analytics with in-place search and analytics workbench.

Custom Services

Custom secondary data and apps services, for example security as a service for ransomware recovery, using Cohesity’s API-first architecture and RESTFUL APIs.

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100% Partner Focus

Deliver solutions that accelerate business outcomes. Join the Cohesity Partner Program for Service Providers and benefit from co-design workshops, cloud-ready testing, training programs, premier technical support, proposal-based funding opportunities, and more.

Cohesity Empowers Service Providers To Monetize Secondary Data & Apps Services Across Clouds

New purpose-built solution, expanded partner program, and Cohesity Powered trust mark enable Service Providers to monetize secondary data & apps services across clouds while accelerating customers’ journey to multi-cloud / hybrid IT.

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Service Provider-Ready Platform

Cohesity modernizes data center architecture, extends to cloud, and helps organizations develop for cloud. Cohesity’s flexible, future-proof, service provider-ready platform meets industry regulations while addressing use cases from core to edge to cloud.

Secure Multi-Tenancy

Securely support multiple customers at once. Cohesity safeguards data at both the management and infrastructure levels with secure namespace isolation and encryption of data at-rest and in-flight.


Consolidate secondary data and app workloads—data protection, files, app development, object storage and analytics—on the Cohesity software-defined platform. Optimize TCO and ROI with a choice of Cohesity, Cisco, HPE, or Dell servers/appliances.

Web-Scale with Advanced Global Deduplication

Achieve the highest levels of storage efficiency and reduce costs across tenants with Cohesity cross-tenant deduplication. Cohesity SpanFS delivers unlimited scalability, guaranteed data resiliency, and advanced global deduplication.

Tenant Self-Service

Simplify operations using pre-built integrations with VMware vCloud Director, VMware vRealize Suite, ServiceNow, and options for self-service tenant login directly from Cohesity. Cohesity’s API-first architecture and full-featured REST APIs support business demands and meet SLAs.

Access Controls

Take advantage of fine-grain, role-based access control, audit logs, and built-in reporting to protect and secure operations, address regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI, and streamline compliance audits.

Simple, Unified Global Management

Gain unprecedented global access, visibility, and control of secondary data and apps across all Cohesity Powered sites—on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge with Cohesity Helios SaaS-based management from a single dashboard.

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77% of service providers will require some level of IT transformation over the next three years to meet the changing needs of their customers and remain competitive.

Self-Service Cohesity Powered Services with VMware vCloud Director

Jumpstart service delivery using Cohesity integration with VMware vCloud Director to securely protect virtual data centers (vDCs) for single or multiple tenants at scale. Create customized private, public, or hybrid cloud offerings, while empowering tenants with self-service.

Automated Backup and Granular Recovery

Automate the protection of vDCs and vApps with Cohesity, based on tenant needs. Recover vApps, virtual machines (VMs) or individual files to their original or an alternate location.

Self-Service Data Protection

Empower your tenants with self-service for data protection. Tenant access is restricted to their environments. Restore a subset of VMs or an entire vApp instantly.

Flexible Chargeback Reporting

Easily track usage and customized service-level agreement (SLA) metrics for each tenant.

As a Cohesity Powered partner, we can quickly deliver highly differentiated, managed data protection and recovery services across data centers and natively integrate with hyperscale public clouds. Cohesity’s support for multi-clouds, multi-tenancy, self-service, and a common operating model optimize our Hosted Private Cloud for clients while helping us grow revenue and drive business agility.

— Chris Ortbals, EVP, Product Management & Marketing, QTS

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Our partnership with Cohesity is a game changer. With both backup and disaster recovery solutions, we empower customers to replace secondary data silos with a single unified solution—on-premises and in multi-cloud environments.

— John Drake, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Faction

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