Transform data security and management

Customers turn to Cohesity and Microsoft to make data security and management easier than ever.

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Improve security posture

Isolate data, detect threats, and quickly recover data with a unified data management and security platform for Microsoft Azure and M365.

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Accelerate data recovery

Reduce business impact in the event of data loss due to an outage or ransomware attacks with air-gapped, immutable backups.

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Streamline threat detection

Get anomaly detection alerts from our DataProtect backup and recovery solution and backup-as-a-service offerings into Microsoft Sentinel—and streamline incident responses.

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The new era of protecting and securing enterprise data

Charlie Bell, executive vice president for Microsoft Security, joins Sanjay Poonen, CEO and president of Cohesity, to discuss how Cohesity and Microsoft improve data security in the cloud era.

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Ransomware protection and response

Protect Azure and M365 data, and defend against ransomware attacks, with a single data security and management platform.

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Go beyond cloud-native backup

Protect Azure applications and globally manage cloud snapshots across subscriptions.

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Protect M365, VMs, and SQL

Secure Microsoft 365 data, VMs, and SQL databases in Azure with backup as a service.

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Back up and recover your Azure Stack

Get simple and efficient backup and recovery of Azure Stack, Hub and Edge data, virtual machines, and infrastructure on-prem.

Integrated data security

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Implement multifactor authentication

Integrate Cohesity products with Azure AD and multifactor authentication (MFA) to safely and securely manage access.

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Air gap enterprise data on Azure

Further protect mission-critical data with Cohesity FortKnox on Azure to isolate data from both internal and external bad actors.

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Get modern threat detection

Centralize incident management and response with Cohesity and Microsoft through robust data classification, threat assessment, and integration with Microsoft Sentinel.


How Microsoft LLMs can be used in Cohesity applications

Our CEO and President Sanjay Poonen and Marco Casalaina, VP of Products, Azure AI at Microsoft, discuss new uses for responsible AI in enterprise applications.

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Simplify and accelerate backup and recovery of enterprise workloads across on-premises and cloud with a secured unified platform for data resilience.


Ransomware resiliency with highly secure, SaaS-based cyber vaulting.

DataProtect Delivered as a Service

Protect your critical SaaS, cloud-native, and on-premises data sources with an enterprise-class cloud backup service.


Protect and recover against ransomware with threat protection, cyber vaulting, and ML-powered data classification—by identifying threats, assessing attack impact, and confidently recovering critical data.


Microsoft, Cohesity, AI, and the future of data security

See our shared vision for how customers can securely use AI in Cohesity’s unified data security and management platform to transform security initiatives.

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50%capex cost savings

“Cohesity’s native integration with Azure could not be matched, and gave us tremendous flexibility for how to manage our secondary data without maintaining a separate piece of hardware.”

Chris Menard

Lead Storage Administrator,, Brown University

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Cohesity and Microsoft Azure
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