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Cisco Nodes Certified for Cohesity DataPlatform

Cohesity and Cisco have worked closely together to certify the optimal UCS configurations to run Cohesity DataPlatform

“Data silos in secondary storage are a growing problem for enterprises,” said Mike Leeper, CTO at Denali Advanced Integration. “Combining Cohesity’s distributed secondary storage software with Cisco UCS systems radically simplifies operations and reduces costs for large enterprises. The combination of Cohesity’s intelligent, web-scale software running on Cisco’s leading server and storage infrastructure enables consolidation of a wide range of storage use cases, and brings hyperconvergence to another level of value in the datacenter.”

Mike Leeper

“As data centers increase their investment in both hyperconvergence and software-defined infrastructures, the combination of Cohesity’s powerful DataPlatform software with Cisco’s UCS systems fits this strategy nicely,” said John Bristol, vice president of architecture at Trace3. “The joint Cohesity-Cisco UCS solution extends infrastructure consolidation beyond primary workloads into secondary workloads, which comprise the bulk of datacenter footprint today. We’re pleased to be partnered with both companies to offer this compelling solution into our customers.”

John Bristol
Vice President of Architecture

“Cohesity’s approach to combining its software with Cisco’s UCS servers demonstrates the power of software-defined storage platforms and exemplifies how Cohesity is addressing customer demand for choice and flexibility. Cohesity and Cisco working together to present a reference architecture for Cohesity software on Cisco UCS is a major step forward.”

Edgardo Villalobos
Technical Architect Lab Manager

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