Cohesity – Needle in a Secondary Storage Haystack

By Andrew Dobrov • February 7, 2018

The moment I met Mohit and he told me how he plans to transform the world of secondary storage – I was intrigued. After reading the glowing feedback from customers and getting a chance to meet the leadership team – I realized Cohesity is a needle in a haystack.

This is a company with vision and a comprehensive platform – a platform that solves a universal secondary storage problem and already resonates with Enterprise customers. It’s also one of the hottest companies in the valley, and most everyone I know wants to be a part of it.

That type of momentum builds on itself and leads to success.

It is not often that you hear about a startup with 93 Net Promoter Score and statements from Enterprise customers like “By leveraging Cohesity, we substantially enhanced our operational capabilities, reliability, and lowered our TCO”. Those are testaments to a solid foundation and the heavy lifting that came long before me.

This is not my first startup, having scaled Data Domain and FireEye from scratch – but Cohesity is different. This platform solves an old problem in a novel and elegant way. The storage challenges around lack of visibility, scalability, inefficiency, fragmentation, and silos are well understood. But the market is realizing that Cohesity is the one platform that promises to solve these problems in a way that is integrated and easy to use.

So that’s why I chose to join Cohesity and consider it a needle in a haystack. I look forward to helping scale our customer support and services into a world class global organization. We invite others to be a part of our success so please reach out and get to know us.

Andrew Dobrov is Cohesity’s new VP of Worldwide Services Operations.