For an enterprise technology company, seeing your customers succeed with your technology is one of the most gratifying moments for the entire organization. This is when the rubber meets the road as customers start to realize the promise of the new technology and associated benefits.

At Cohesity we’re maniacally focused on customer success. We have been spending a lot of time with customers to understand their drivers for selecting Cohesity and the results they are seeing. These customers are diverse with respect to the industries they represent and the range of use cases. In digging through those details there’s a consistent pattern for why customers have selected Cohesity:

  1. Consolidation of existing storage silos: Simplification and consolidation of existing secondary storage silos is at the top of the list for every customer who has existing legacy solutions. With Cohesity, customers are able to consolidate their backup software and target storage into one solution. Additionally the Hyperconverged secondary storage platform enables customers to bring on other use cases such as file shares, test/dev and analytics over time. With Cohesity, customers have been able to drastically simplify their existing environments. Valley Proteins is a great example of a customer who has been able to converge their existing backup software, replication and target storage onto one easy to use, manageable, and unified solution.
  2. Lower Total Cost of Ownership: With enterprise IT budgets being flat or growing only slightly, lowering TCO is top of mind for every CIO and IT leader in an enterprise. Existing legacy solutions in secondary storage are expensive and typically customers have had to deploy multiple point solutions in their data center. With Cohesity, customers have been able to significantly lower their TCO. XO Communications, a Verizon company is an example of a customer who has seen their TCO drop by 60%. On the CapEx front, Cohesity was half as much as the alternate solution. On the OpEx front, XO has not had to hire an army of admins to manage the environment and has a single admin to manage the entire secondary storage environment.
  3. Ability to Scale: With secondary data growing at an incredibly fast rate, customers are looking for new solutions that can help them manage this data growth. Legacy solutions in the secondary storage and data protection market have outdated architectures, which just cannot scale to the levels required. With Cohesity, customers can take advantage of a web-scale distributed architecture that can be grown over time. Thekking is an example of a customer who was blown away by the simple scale-out design of Cohesity and how compute power would scale linearly when adding new storage nodes.
  4. Public Cloud Integration: Every customer is looking to understand and take advantage of what the public cloud has to offer. The economics of the cloud make it very attractive; however, enterprise customers have lots of data on-premises and are increasingly looking for a hybrid architecture. In the secondary storage landscape the cloud becomes attractive for long-term archival, data tiering, disaster recovery and test/dev. Legacy solutions in the market rely on solutions like cloud gateways that have not been built with the cloud in mind. With Cohesity, customers get capabilities like CloudArchive and CloudTier that are native to the platform. For UCSB integration with the public cloud was very important. Cohesity’s native cloud integration has allowed UCSB to seamlessly replicate and archive their production data offsite to Microsoft Azure and AzureGov for protecting police videos.
  5. Ease of Use and Manageability: The architecture of legacy secondary storage solutions results in customers having to deploy multiple point solutions in their data center. This manifests itself in customers having to manage multiple UI’s across their environment, making the environment complex and not easy to manage. With Cohesity customers get the benefit of a simple and single UI to manage all of their secondary storage workloads. Burris Logistics has taken advantage of the simplicity and ease of use of the Cohesity management interface. This has helped them greatly simplify their ongoing management and operations and improve productivity.

The above list represents a small fraction of the overall customer base at Cohesity. You can learn more about other customers, their use cases and benefits they are accruing from the Cohesity DataPlatform on the customers section of our website.

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