O is for Obsession. This is to say, here at Cohesity, we are obsessed with our customers and making them happy. In fact, we take our customer-first mantra so seriously, “O is for Obsession” is actually part of our five core “RADIO” values (Respect, Attitude, Delivery, Integrity, and Obsession), which were created by our CEO Mohit Aron, but we all live by.

As an echo of our obsessive, customer-first strategy, this week we received the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award from Omega Management Group Corp and Customer Relationship Management Institute (CRMI). This award is handed out annually to companies who – based solely on customer feedback – exceeded expectations in customer satisfaction during the prior calendar year. Our award was for excellence in customer service and support in 2016, having achieved an average survey rating of 4.8 (out of a possible 5.0) for the past year. This placed us solidly in the winners’ category for delivering customer satisfaction.

This award truly means a lot to us. We are intensely focused on supporting our customers as they make the leap to hyperconverged secondary storage.

So what’s our winning customer formula? We pride ourselves on working hand-in-hand with customers to solve specific technical issues, and for adding new capabilities to help them achieve maximum cost savings and management efficiency. Our style is to work as a partnership with our customers throughout their entire journey – from first proof-of-concept to deployment and maintenance – and we are deeply invested in the success of every deployment.

Instead of just tooting our own horn, we’d like to share what some of our customers have to say about us. We threw out this question, and here’s just a sample of what we got back:

Q: Why do you love Cohesity Support?

A: The support team is quick and professional and responsive. Keep it up! (Senior IT Manager, Finance industry)

A: Jerome leads an outstanding support group, who are always ready to solve issues or escalate to Engineering. Top Notch is all areas! (Director, Higher Ed)

A: The Cohesity Support team have been great and are always quick to respond and resolve any issues I have. Big shout out to Barnaby D. and Jason V. both are very knowledgeable in what to do. (Systems Engineer, Logistics)

A: Happy with Cohesity’s assistance on several occasions. (Sr. Administrator, Long Term Care)

A: Awesome fast response and helpful. (IT Infrastructure Engineer, Security Industry)

A: We have had great support while we test new features and receive frequent upgrades that address issues we bring up. It is refreshing to have support listen to our suggestions and see this materialize in an update that comes out. – Thanks! (Sr VSE and Splunkmaster, Higher Ed)

A: Cohesity support is top notch. I always get prompt support when I need it. (Principal Systems Engineer, Finance Industry)

A: Support rocks… shout out to Vijay and all the SRE supporting all my cases from the start. Also Thanks to Bill and Jerome for building an awesome SRE team. (Sr. Systems Manager, Higher Ed)

A: Unusually responsive & actually listened to me & considered what I was saying. (Network Engineer, Insurance Company)

A: The response time on new tickets is really good. I have never had more than a few hours pass before I have talked with someone. When dealing with multiple issues a month ago, we had setup a daily phone call with your team. That was very helpful in allowing both sides to figure out what was happening. Great Work! (Systems Engineer, Law firm)

Our customers have such nice things to say, and there’s more where that came from, which we will share in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned!

Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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