High Density Storage Appliance for Unstructured Workloads

By Raj Dutt • August 21, 2017

Recently, fragmented and siloed secondary storage began a major transformation. Bringing web-scale principles to enterprise secondary storage, Cohesity is fundamentally changing how organizations consolidate, manage and utilize their secondary data. Now we, the Cohesians, are super excited to further fuel the revolution that we started, by introducing Cohesity C3000. The C3000 provides the industry’s highest storage density in a hyperconverged node.

The Cohesity C3000 is especially designed to consolidate and simplify your ever growing, yet fragmented file and object data. With the C3000, you can build scale-out clusters for unstructured data workloads that require PBs of capacity in a single rack, and instant global access via a range of protocols.

Since GA, Cohesity’s DataProtect has enabled hundreds of IT organizations to simplify their backup operations, and obtain instant recoveries all while reducing their secondary storage TCO. Essentially, Cohesity simplified and improved data protection for the enterprise. Now we are turning our attention to the next major secondary workload demanded by our clients– file and object storage. Built to support Cohesity’s DataProtect benefits, the C3000 delivers highest value for accommodating large unstructured data volumes.

So, let’s look at, what is C3000?
Cohesity C3000 is the big daddy of hyperconverged secondary storage. The first of the series, C3500 is designed deliver greater storage density, at a lower cost/TB. As a 2U node, it holds up to 183.68 TB of raw capacity on 22x 8 TB HDDs and 2x 3.84 TB SSDs.

The new appliance ensures future proofing your investments by allowing to scale nearly limitless to address growing business needs. No more forklift upgrades or creating silos to accommodate growing data. Instead, build as you go, which will help to lower your CapEx but also reduce OpEx by eliminating need to manage today’s underutilized capacity.

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As the industry’s only deduped, scaled-out hyperconverged object storage system, C3000 increases the storage efficiency with variable-length, global deduplication that spans an entire cluster, and compression. Even though the C3000 holds large volume of data, the search and restoration of files and objects is simple. Cohesity DataProtect’s advance indexing and global search capabilities allow Google-like wild-card search, enabling users to instantly search files and object metadata throughout the cluster.

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