“Distributed databases don’t need protection – they are distributed.”
“Containers are stateless temporary instances, so they don’t need protection.”
“My SaaS application data is in the cloud and is automatically protected by the cloud provider.”

These are some of the common misconceptions that put your most valuable resource, data, and businesses at risk.

Adoption of modern applications, including big data workloads, distributed databases, containerized, and SaaS applications including Microsoft O365 are on the rise. At first, it might appear that these modern mission-critical workloads don’t need backup, and so no data protection is put in place. At best, some organizations are protecting their mission-critical modern workloads with a patchwork of native backup tools and scripting. The challenge is that this results in additional complexity, limited scalability, slow recovery times and, most importantly, poor reliability. Additionally, these methods don’t give organizations a platform to easily harness the power of their data for analytics, test/dev, or to meet compliance requirements.

In the absence of enterprise-class backup and recovery, human errors, malware, and other forms of corruption are costing enterprises lost data, productivity, and revenue.

According to the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) study, 38% of organizations reported that they have between 25 and 100 unique database instances, while another 20% have over 100 database instances, contributing to massive data fragmentation.

Cohesity is the first and only modern backup and recovery solution to offer enterprise-class backup, recovery, and data management for most modern workloads, including all NoSQL distributed databases, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Containerized applications based on Kubernetes, and SaaS with Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online and OneDrive, on a single web-scale platform.

Now you can further address the problem of mass data fragmentation by consolidating support for leading hypervisors (VMware, Nutanix AHV, Microsoft Hyper-V), databases and applications (Oracle, SQL, SAP HANA), storage, physical, and now modern workloads, on one software-defined platform. With Cohesity’s distributed, scale-out architecture you can easily support your evolving business requirements and make backed up data productive for application development, analytics, and meeting security and compliance requirements.

Let’s take a look at how Cohesity uniquely simplifies protecting these modern mission-critical workloads.

Hadoop HDFS and NoSQL distributed databasesCohesity Imanis Data offers comprehensive and integrated protection with a single software-defined solution for Hadoop and NoSQL distributed databases. The solution offers unlimited scalability and data management capabilities only previously available for transactional databases.

  • Widest coverage for distributed databases, including MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchbaseDB, and Hbase and Hadoop Distributed FS variants including Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks
  • Application-consistent backups with granular, point-in-time recovery
  • Backs up at a logical database level, rather than just the individual nodes
  • Data-aware, semantic dedupe eliminates backing up redundancy data that would otherwise appear as unique user data a node or block level
  • Global variable-length dedupe for high space efficiency
  • Instant search to locate items to restore
  • The first fully scale-out solution scaling both data flows and data storage
  • Agentless and no scripting required that eliminates human errors
  • Incremental restore, query-based restore, and incremental-forever backup
  • No dependency on separate VMs, proxies, media servers, control servers, or secondary storage repositories
  • Secure with GUI-driven data masking, RBAC, authentication and anomaly detection
  • Automated test-dev refresh with GUI-driven data masking and data sampling

Cloud Foundry’s most recent survey of IT decision makers shows container production usage jumping from 22 percent in early 2016 to 38 percent in late 2018.

Containerized applications based on Kubernetes – Containers allow efficient, cloud-portable deployment of substantial applications that manage data and would previously require full VMs. The notion of rebuilding the containers from scratch, and scripting various operations, hasn’t delivered simple, reliable backup and recovery of the entire environment including application data. It also hasn’t matched the protection tools available for VMs.

Cohesity is the first and only modern web-scale platform to offer native integration with Kubernetes that helps protect both the containerized application and the underlying data.

  • Protection of data and application state (backup entire application, not just its data)
  • Application-consistent snapshots for granular recovery
  • Fast backups with incremental backups forever, especially important as the data sets grow exponentially
  • Restore the backups to an alternate location for easy migration or DR

“Because it’s a SaaS, there’s a false sense of security. People think they have backup and recovery with the service, and they don’t,” said Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “The data is always your responsibility. The fact that you’ve given up control to a service does not absolve you from responsibility, from a compliance and stewardship perspective.”

SaaS – Cohesity introduced backup and recovery for Microsoft O365 in 2018, first with Online Exchange. Now we are expanding protection to include OneDrive. The comprehensive solution will offer backup and rapid recovery with indexing of MS Office email and files to protect against human error or malware, and to assist with eDiscovery or compliance. As a modern backup, Cohesity delivers:

  • Streamlined parallel backup for thousands of mailboxes (Exchange Online) and OneDrive
  • Fast backup and recovery with incremental forever approach to meet business SLAs
  • Meeting security and compliance requirements by leveraging the information available in Azure AD to create policies
  • Flexibility with granular restore/download as well as full OneDrive restore
  • Rapid search (based on various attributes) and recovery with powerful metadata indexing of OneDrive data

Modern workloads are simplifying how IT operates but reliance on legacy backup products – or running without backup at all – can be very costly to the business. As enterprises increase the adoption of modern distributed and cloud-based applications, they need to evaluate their data protection strategy to avoid data loss due to human errors, malware, or other forms of corruption.

Raj Dutt
Raj Dutt

Senior Director, Product Marketing

Raj leads product marketing for Cohesity’s data protection, security, and compliance solutions. He has 15 years of technology experience spanning across data management, networking, and IT security.

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Senior Director, Product Marketing
Raj Dutt
Senior Director, Product Marketing
Raj Dutt

Senior Director, Product Marketing

Raj leads product marketing for Cohesity’s data protection, security, and compliance solutions. He has 15 years of technology experience spanning across data management, networking, and IT security.
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