Cisco and Cohesity have one of those partnerships that makes perfect sense. We share mutual goals of helping our customers gain control of, and derive value from, their data, which is growing daily … and exponentially.

At the same time, we offer complementary pieces of the data puzzle, resulting in integrated solutions for building a complete data stack from edge, to core, to cloud. Cisco is a strategic investor in Cohesity in both our Series C and Series D rounds. Together, we are expanding our partnership worldwide and across all areas of business. You can hear Cisco’s perspective on Cohesity from their Head of M&A and Investments, Rob Salvagno, in his recent session at Cisco Live.

With Cisco’s GSX global sales conference happening this week, and with our CEO, Mohit Aron, planning to share a few motivating words for the conference audience, it’s a good time to reflect on how Cisco and Cohesity are working together to help our customers.

Explaining Cohesity’s Secondary Data and Apps Mission and Value to Cisco Customers

Framing the problems secondary data growth is causing today, Mohit is known for saying, “It’s often been said that the world’s most valuable resource is oil. But that’s no longer true. With businesses prioritizing digital transformation, it’s data.”

What Mohit is getting at is this: Cohesity is disrupting the $60 billion secondary data and apps market that hasn’t seen innovation in decades. This secondary data consists of backups, archival for long-term data retention, test and dev, file shares, object storage, and analytics – everything non-production. In fact, secondary data represents 80 percent of all enterprise data.

Herein lies the problem: All of that secondary data sits in silos, and enterprises have to go to multiple vendors for backups, for test/dev, etc. This mass data fragmentation, including legacy backup environments, has wreaked havoc on data centers because it’s expensive, inefficient, and difficult to manage.

Cohesity is bringing a unified platform to the secondary storage space to solve the problem of mass data fragmentation. Cohesity consolidates all secondary data workflows into one software-defined platform to bring unprecedented levels of simplicity, control, and cost savings to customers.

This is where Cisco solutions, and Cisco customers, fit into the data puzzle:

  • First – Cohesity consolidates all secondary data workflows such as data protection, archive, files and object services, test/dev, and analytics into an easy-to-manage, software-defined platform that runs on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), so customers can stay with their preferred Cisco hardware.
  • Second – Cohesity perfectly complements Cisco HyperFlex on the primary storage side, while providing Cisco customers with an easy solution to manage secondary data and apps.
  • Third – Our joint solution enables and enhances Cisco’s multi-cloud vision. Cohesity’s native cloud capabilities provide Cisco customers an easy way to build their Hybrid and Public Cloud solutions, including long-term retention, cloud tiering, cloud test/dev, on-premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery, direct backup to the cloud, and cloud-native backup – in their transition to the cloud.

As partners, Cisco and Cohesity hyperconverge the entire data stack for both primary AND secondary data. This unlocks amazing new opportunities for our customers. We’ll hear directly from Mohit when he speaks this week. In the meantime, we are excited to be a Cisco portfolio company, Cisco partner, and part of Cisco GSX.

To find out more about the joint Cisco and Cohesity solutions, check out these resources:

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