Are you a blogger or technologist who has wanted to get more information about Cohesity? Have you wanted to get your hands on the software in your own home lab, and maybe even develop some content about it? 

Since I joined Cohesity, whenever I talk to community folks that want to do videos or write content about the product their first question is always, “How do I get my hands on it?” Well, the good news is for the last six months I’ve been working to make this a reality for those that want to do just that. The final program has been named The Cohesity Circuit. You may have seen the first event for this as a contest to attend the Dutch Grand Prix. The next phase is known as “Qualifying Laps”.

The Cohesity Circuit Qualifying Laps are a multi-city roadshow that includes a short two-hour session followed by a Cohesity Gathering Happy Hour concluding with enabling you to access the software. The two-hour session is intended to give the technical highlights of Cohesity DataPlatform without boring you to death. It’s going to be a bit like drinking from the firehose, but that’s what makes it fun. You will be given access to the software generally the day after you attend, then emailed a Quick Start Guide, as well as some ongoing tips and tricks over the course of a few weeks. You’ll be invited to a private Slack channel for questions and peer-to-peer support with past attendees from the other cities. The goal? To enable technologists, bloggers, and other industry influencers to try it out and create content about the platform. I should note, this is not available widely to everyone like vExpert licenses are just yet, but we’re working on that.

What is cool is that each city’s “green flag” will drop on the same day, hosted by a member of the Cohesity Technical Advocacy Group, so you may not know who you are getting unless you pay attention to the social media posts or check out the master schedule of events. I’m very excited to see people from the technical communities finally getting their hands on the software. I know better than anyone that when you get stick time, you talk about it. Check out this page for all the dates. Spaces are limited and you may get waitlisted but don’t worry we will try to get everyone in if we can!

Michael Letschin and I talk about the roadshow on this podcast. Listen in!

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