It’s a unique time. More of us than ever before are working remotely, made possible by the growth of the digital economy. 

As always, in times like this, technology isn’t the focus. It’s people. We’re keeping the gears of the economy moving no matter how uncertain things are. We’re helping our neighbors. We’re tending to our children, pivoting data on that spreadsheet, and still managing to make colleagues and family smile with a new comical video background during those remote meetings. 

This resolve—to keep pushing, to help those around us, to make others smile—is the best of us. Unfortunately, there’s another side of the coin, as well. There has been a surge of attacks by cybercriminals. As millions move their workstations from offices and cubicles to their homes, the risk of security exploitation increases. Let’s face it, our homes have a lot of things. Enterprise-level security is not one of them. 

Taking advantage of weak security in the homes of millions, there has been an increase in attacks on all fronts. More phishing emails are manifesting, downloading Remote Administration Tools (RATs) on devices. There have been multiple reported cases of malicious COVID-19-related mobile applications that give attackers access to smartphone data or encrypt these devices in exchange for ransom.

As you take work home and navigate the challenges of balancing an effective professional and personal life, it’s important to keep security at the top of your mind. It’s a topic that’s easy to forget about but it’s critical—especially now.

Listen to the podcast with Chris Colotti (@CColotti), Principal Technologist at Cohesity and 6-time VMware vExpert, and Bob Plankers (@plankers), 10-time VMware vExpert with more than 20 years of experience in IT virtualization and security, to learn about practical actions you can take to dramatically increase the information security of your home. 

Go beyond the obvious measures and increase your home’s defenses by learning:

  • What makes a strong VPN and going beyond a corporate umbrella VPN
  • How to see threats under the layers and look at DNS queries
  • How to incorporate simple steps to increase the security of your meetings and conversations

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